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10 Memes Every Bible Lover Will Understand - Project Inspired

Some might say you take the Bible “too seriously,” while others may be inspired by your devotion. The fact of the matter is, you just can’t get enough of God’s Word and have this wild idea that it’s actually meant to be lived by—imagine that! Laugh with us if these memes are totally you! […]

lol fried chicken isn't exclusive to a religion >>>>> We’ve gathered another round of memes that couldn’t have existed 10 years ago and they're hilarious!

12 Hilarious Memes That Only Today's Christians Would Understand - Project Inspired

Let’s be honest: Today’s generation of Christians is nothing like the world has ever seen before, and that’s okay because culture evolves! In light of this, we’ve gathered another round of memes that couldn’t have existed 10 years ago. Enjoy! Hilarious, right?! Comment on […]

You need to know your Bible.this is so true. Rebellion is so widespread and in every area of immorality that the people think it's normal. Don't say a word or "you're judging me, the Bible says DON'T JUDGE" Wake up Christians! Bible Humor, Jw Humor, Bible Quotes, Bible Verses, Faith Quotes, Funny Christian Memes, Christian Humor, Christian Life, Church Humor

How Most People Read the Bible Today

Totally disregarding the rest of the scripture. Some people try to make the scripture justify their actions or to justify their logic by taking the scripture out of context.

28 Hilarious Christian Memes To Redeem Your Sinful Ass - Funny Gallery Funny Quotes, Funny Memes, Jokes, Life Quotes, Christian Humor, Christian Quotes, Thats The Way, Just For Laughs, Laugh Out Loud

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"We are going to end up with one of these flawed candidates regardless of how much we stomp our self-righteous feet. Bottom line, the leaders of a country many times reflect the spiritual condition of the people they are called from....

A worship javelin?

I don't even know what to say

 Doing Everything but Tithing - church sign HMMM this one is very thoughtful!

Try to keep yourself out of the boredom of the work week and employed with these Top 24 Petty Work Memes that will have you occupied at least until your next coffee break.Just read out these Top 24 Petty Work Memes. Sassy Quotes, Truth Quotes, Life Quotes, Quotes Quotes, Hater Quotes, Bitch Quotes, Real Quotes, Random Quotes, Couple Quotes

Grrr. Holding in all that sarcasm 'cause God said "be good". It's painful. :/