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The 12 zodiac signs - also called sun signs - form the basis of astrology. They were defined in ancient times. The year was divided into 12 sections and each section was assigned to the constellation in which the sun was located during this period. Astrology assumes that the time of birth and the date of birth are defining for the human character and assigns certain properties to each constellation, which are refined by other aspects - such as the ascendant.
The Pisces is a sensitive soul, even a loud word can hurt him deeply. To avoid such situations, he has developed a trick: he simply dives under when things get uncomfortable. His intuition also helps him to sense such situations. The Pisces quickly recognizes possible dangers, and sees promising opportunities. He also feels what is going on in other people. His empathy and emotional intelligence is legendary, as is his strong creative streak and his imagination. He makes everyday life beautiful.
Aquarius doesn't like to follow the mainstream. He prefers to go his own way and appreciates everything that is unusual and also somewhat bizarre. That sometimes makes it difficult to assess him. And, honestly, he often doesn't know what he'll do next. There are just so many options and each one sounds so terribly interesting. The Aquarius literally sprays with creative ideas and so he happily starts it all. He wants to try it out before deciding what suits him and what doesn't.

Zodiac Signs and Sun Signs

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The ascendant is just as important in the horoscope as the zodiac sign. It embodies all the essentials that are shown to the outside or that people first perceive.  Appearance, constitution, behavior, habits - all of this symbolizes the ascendant as a reflection of earthly events. Thus, the ascendant forms the interface with the environment or characterizes the outer cladding. The first time the ascendant embodies everything that other people perceive in a person in the first five minutes.
His ruler Neptune - the planet of dreams and visions - not only gives the Pisces ascendant creativity and imagination. It also makes him extremely sensitive.  The Pisces Ascendants look at the world through dreamy eyes.  Just as compassionate as the Pisces Ascendant is with his fellow human beings, he can be just as sensitive. He assumes that everyone should be as courteous and sensitive as he is, and is disappointed when he is instructed otherwise.
Its ruler Uranus - the planet of surprises and innovation - makes the Aquarian ascendant an eccentric of the zodiac.  The Aquarian Ascendant looks at the world through the eyes of an explorer and a world improver.  The Aquarian Ascendant is friendly and open, but always remains non-binding. His freedom and independence are far too important to him. This is the only way it can develop freely and reach its peak form.  The adventurous Aquarian ascendant is always good for a surprise.

Ascendants and Rising Signs

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Introduction to the characteristics of the Chinese Zodiac Sign Pig in Chinese Astrology.
Introduction to the characteristics of the Chinese Zodiac Sign Dog in Chinese Astrology.
Introduction to the characteristics of the Chinese Zodiac Sign Rooster in Chinese Astrology.

Chinese Astrology

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