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an orange pumpkin painted with watercolors on white paper
Painting Pumpkins
a drawing of a tree with the moon in the background
Tree in charcoal - unedited by wyldraven on DeviantArt
a painting of two people standing in the woods with trees and an moon above them
Witching Hour Art
an image of a door with a witch on it
Witch Door Boscastle Museum
I think I'm gonna have to paint my front door like this. It's brilliant!
a black and white photo of a clock tower with an image of a witch flying over it
The Countdown Continues: Terri Ann Foss (Pt 1)
a painting with pumpkins and a witch on it
Artist’s Painting Gets Mistaken For A Van Gogh, So She Creates Brilliant ‘Starry Night’ Series (Part II)
a drawing of a house in the woods with trees on either side and an orange sky behind it
Vintage Halloween
an old house with a tower on the top and bats in the sky above it
SpookyStew 🎃🍕🦇🌭 on Twitter
a tree with no leaves is shown in the foreground, and it appears to be dark
Hello Darkness My Old Friend…
a wolf standing next to a tree with the moon in the sky behind it and an inscription
a black bird sitting on top of a lamp post in the dark forest at night
Mystery of Kingdom Toritoya (Part 7)
a painting of a cat sitting on top of a pile of bricks with the moon in the background
Leticia Zamora