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a woman sitting on top of a white bench next to a baby wearing a hat
Earth Tone Rainbows Wallpaper
Cherish special moments with your loved ones with our Happy Day Wallpaper! @mrs_comedy
a baby's crib with black and white polka dots on the wall next to it
a small child laying on top of a bed
a pregnant woman is standing on the door handle in her living room with pink walls
Pink Wallpaper
"Another first look at Tenley’s all-new bedroom! Mama’s boho dream for my little girl 💖." Head over to Kelly's blog now to read how she added peel & stick wallpaper from @wallsneedlove and see how you can too 💗 The pretty after shot is up there too!
a pregnant woman standing in front of a crib
the legend of the jackalope poster with a baby sleeping on it's back
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Sweet dreams are made of these. How sweet is the Legend of the Jackalope in this nursery!! Did you know that the town of Douglas, Wyoming, has declared itself to be the Jackalope capital of America because, according to legend, the first jackalope was spotted there around 1829. A large statue of a jackalope stands in the town center, and every year the town plays host to Jackalope Day, usually held in June.
a collage of photos with different wallpapers
4 Ways Floral Wallpaper Brings Life into Your Home
4 Ways Floral Wallpaper Brings Life into Your Home “The earth laughs in flowers.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson Floral decor has been around for as long as we can remember and it certainly hasn’t gone out of style. In fact, florals have taken over, in more ways than one. We’ve got 4 reasons why Floral Wallpaper or Flower Wallpaper, can make a huge statement piece in your home and bring life into your home in a few hours or less. Click to read!
a pregnant woman sitting in front of a crib
a white crib in front of a wall with flowers on it and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling
Spring 2017 One Room Challenge, Week 6: The Sweetest Nursery Reveal You've Ever Seen
Spring 2017 One Room Challenge, Week 6: Nursery Reveal + Sources
a woman sitting in a chair next to a white crib and wall with flowers on it
Clara | Removable Wallpaper
With a vintage feel, our Clara black and white floral wall mural is illustrated in a black pen and ink old engraving style, with shades of gray. White background. Available in both removable peel-and-stick and permanent wallpapers. Printed with child-safe inks.