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Yoga Teacher Tips: Seven Student Questions - Yoga Teacher Training Blog

When you finish a yoga certification course, you may want to prepare yourself for all the questions you will have to answer. Many students new to your yoga school have questions about the practice.

Walking on the Yoga Teacher's Path - Yoga Teacher Training Blog

As you learn to become a yoga instructor, you will most likely study the work of others, take notes on how seasoned teachers format their classes or learn specific teaching techniques. While all of these items are valuable, keep in mind that you are still you and you have your own unique style and personality to add to your class that no one else has.

Yoga Teacher Tips for Athletic Students - Yoga Teacher Training Blog

Ever since you decided to become a yoga instructor, you've dreamed of teaching a full class of athletic students. Now that you have them, you're concerned about safety and you want your students to have the best possible experience in your classes.

The Oath of a Yoga Teacher - Yoga Teacher Training Blog

Many Hatha Yoga teacher training courses don't have an oath for graduates, but maybe we should all have one. In this way, instructors would be reminded to be constantly mindful of ethics, compassion, safety and loving kindness at all times.

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Unethical Yoga Teacher Practices - Yoga Teacher Training Blog

Ethics and philosophy are covered in every Yoga teacher training intensive, but there is no guarantee an instructor will walk the straight line for life. Yogic methodology is based on a foundation of principles including compassion, integrity, truthfulness, kindness, generosity, patience, forgiveness and helpfulness.

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Why Do Yoga Students Stay in Our Classes? - Yoga Teacher Training Blog

There are some things that each of us learn after yoga instructor certification. As a teacher, you've got to wonder from time to time what it is that keeps your students coming back day after day or week after week.

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Teaching Yogic Practices: Warrior I - Yoga Teacher Training Blog

Being sensitive to the mood and energy level of the class is an important part of the art of teaching Yoga well. For example, during the holiday season you may have prepared a krama of asanas that will energize your students, but when you begin the class you realize from the tired and drained look on many of your students' faces that a restorative class is more appropriate.

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Should Children Practice Yoga at Home - Yoga Teacher Training Blog

In a yoga teacher training course, many subjects are discussed and among them is the safety of our students in the studio and in their homes. Compared to many other child activities, asana, pranayama and meditation are not the most dangerous activities our kids can practice.

Teaching Yoga to Seniors - Yoga Teacher Training Blog

Teaching Yoga to seniors is a skill that requires constant study. A chair yoga teacher training course is an eye opener, but to go out into the world teaching students is an awakening. As a result of its promise for low impact activity that both strengthens the body and makes it more flexible, yoga is...

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How Much Do Yoga Instructors Make? - Yoga Teacher Training Blog

In truth, business and marketing are a mystery to most Yoga instructors because they do not see it as important. Some business managers operate successful Yoga schools and employ teachers to keep the operation running. Business and Yoga are strange bed fellows, but a teacher who really knows the business is more likely to have a 401k, make a good salary, and sleep at night.