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Modern Baybayin Philippines

Modern Baybayin Philippines -Standard set 28 Characters (Since 2011,2012,2012) Complete set -for Modern usage -Documents ,Names ,Diaries and others.

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Les répertoires graphiques amazoniens

Les répertoires graphiques amazoniens. Cet article propose, dans un premier temps, une description détaillée des peintures faciales des Sharanahua, peuple pano d’Amazonie occidentale. Ces peintures sont réalisées à partir d’un répertoire graphique comprenant une série de motifs associés chacun à un nom spécifique. Sont présentés les principes de la composition de ces motifs, le sémantisme de leurs noms (dont la valeur est mnémotechnique), la manière dont ils sont utilisés pour former des…

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Baybayin script is an ancient pre-colonial Philippine writing system. It is a member of the Brahmic family of India and is recorded as being in use in the century. It continued to be used during the Spanish colonization of the Philippines up until the Filipino Words, Filipino Art, Filipino Culture, Traditional Filipino Tattoo, Ancient Alphabets, Ancient Scripts, Idioma Klingon, Cultura Filipina, Alibata Tattoo

The Rajahnate of Cebu

CHRONICLES OF AGINID Legends and myth have been told about how the ancient name of Cebu originated and none of these versions have so far held up to the scrutiny of scho-lars and historians until Jovito Abellana published his book ‘Bisaya Patronymesis Sri Visjaya’ where he extensively covered the period in ‘Aginid, Bayok sa atong…

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Maori brushes set in white – Brenda O. #maoritattoo - maori tattoos

Maori brushes set in white - #Brushes #Maori #set #White maori tattoo - maori tattoo women - maori t

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Patikan - Tatak ni Bakunawa by Akopito on DeviantArt

"Bakunawa can never devour the last moon, unless you stop making noises" - Anonymous Pintados Here is a Bakunawa (Dragon) design Back tattoo with a smal... Patikan - Tatak ni Bakunawa