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a wall made up of white circles and brown square shapes in the center, with a wooden block at the bottom
Tiles Ceramics & Wood
a coffee table sitting on top of a white tiled floor
an intricately designed concrete walkway in the middle of a parking lot with cars parked on it
Pavement tiles, Barcelona
Pavement tiles, Barcelona (Gaudí)*
a green tiled bathroom with plants in the window sill
Mermaid tile...I worked in a flooring store that sold tile and NEVER saw something like this. Pretty cool!
a close up view of an old tile floor with different colors and designs on it
a black and white photo of a snowflake on the wall next to a table
Versatile Arc - BV Tile and Stone
a close up view of a wavy metal surface
Architectural Wall Tiles
Architectural Wall Tiles
a room with a table, vase and other items on the floor in front of it
A Feminine Tomboy
Bathroom Design
a bathroom with blue tiles on the wall and wood flooring, along with a bathtub
Fishscale tiles
an abstract metal surface with circles and flowers
KAZA Concrete Tiles at 100% Design
KAZA Concrete Tiles at 100% Design
an image of some white and black tiles on the wall with different patterns in it
Sydney & Melbourne | Tiles | Mosaics | Engineered Wood
Extruded hexes
a black and white reception table in front of a wall with geometric designs on it
Mulberry House | SHoP Architects | Archinect
Mulberry House | SHoP Architects | Archinect
three hexagonal tiles sitting on the floor in an empty room
Sydney & Melbourne | Tiles | Mosaics | Engineered Wood
Academy Tiles | Richmond, Melbourne | Artarmon, Sydney | Mosaic Ceramic Glass Porcelain Stone
an intricately designed floor in black and white
Natural Area Rugs
Gaudi, Barcelona sidewalk tiles
a bathroom with tiled walls and blue accents
Casa Batlló - Barcelona, Spain
four cement blocks with decorative designs on them
Decorative Concrete Tile
a white wall made out of many different shapes and sizes
ARTO IGB6 6" Buckle
a close up of a window with white tiles on it
Get Inspired – Rustic Elegance Handcrafted in Los Angeles Since 1966
GB73 6'' Compass Star Early Gray
three white tiles with wavy lines on each side and one in the middle, all facing different directions
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Versatile Arc Ceramic Wall Tile, Winner of red dot award
two panels with different shapes and sizes on them, one is white and the other is grey
panneau blok starwood beton 3 D taporo
the hexagonal tiles are all different colors
concrete http://www.bentudesign.com/views.asp?b_classid=99=139 contemporist.com
a square shaped object is placed in the middle of a floor made out of black and white tiles
‘Dune’ on the Wall – a Three-dimensional Wall Panel from Canadian Designers - Cutedecision
pan 03 Dune on your walls. Three dimensional wall panels from Canadian designers Urbanproduct INTERIOR DESIGN decor canada