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Korean star map, 14th Century


annajungdesign: “ ‘천상열차분야지도’ - 14th century Korean star map (digital image) ”

12th century world map. Unsourced. :(

Ancient World Maps

Large collection of historical world maps.

Native American Culture Map

Ancient Winds And Memories of A Time Long Ago

Before the first European consciousness of a New World existed, the Americas thrived with diverse tribes, each with their own customs, cultures and belief systems. From the far North to the tip of…


Copy of official plan of Gettysburg. Pennsylvania, fought 1st, 2nd, 3rd July 1863. Map drawn by Robert Knox Sneden (1832-1918). Map attempts to show the locations of various units during each day of the battle. All major landmarks are indicated. Explore the map at http://zoom.it/kL2r


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Neighborhoods of Austin Map 24in x 36in. $26. Locally inspired, locally designed.

Census Map From The 1870's

Beautiful, hi-res census maps provide fascinating snapshots of 1870s America

You're looking at just one print from a collection that comprises dozens of spellbinding maps and charts based on the results of the 1870 US census — the ninth census ever conducted, and the first to be performed in the years following the Civil War.

North America map of 1647, printed by Imagerich

Artwork by Thomas A. Smith

Atlas of True Names: A World Map with Locations Replaced with their Original Meanings

Atlas of True Names: A World Map with Locations Replaced with their Original Meanings

Okay...phew. I know that's a somewhat strange post title, but this project is fascinating and totally worth sharing, if not eloquently. The "Atlas of True Names" is a series of maps that substitutes the official names for cities, states, countries, and geographic areas with the meaning of their names in their original language....etymological topography!Some of the translations are literal and some more poetic, but the most fascinating aspect to me is to see the interactions between the…