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<三勝(さんかつ)>紫菊 浴衣 Japanese Costume, Japanese Kimono, Tokyo Fashion, Kimono Fashion, Yukata Kimono, Kimono Design, Summer Kimono, Japanese Patterns, Japanese Embroidery


UNITED ARROWS(ユナイテッドアローズ)直営の公式通販サイト。UNITED ARROWS、BEAUTY & YOUTH、green label relaxingを始め、人気ブランドの多彩なアイテムを紹介しています。

A girl wearing yukata. Yukata 浴衣 is a Japanese garment, a casual summer kimono. Japanese Street Fashion, Tokyo Fashion, Harajuku Fashion, Kimono Fashion, Geisha, Look Kimono, Kimono Style, Furisode Kimono, Tokyo Street Style

The Kimono Gallery

“Tokyo summers mean you get to see the most fabulous variety of yukata dresses you could ever imagine. I snapped some photos of the beauties around Harajuku and Omotesando.” Sept, 2012. Text and...

芸妓さんと舞妓さんのブログ (July maiko Ichiyuu in a train by.

Kimono-Dream: Photo

This blog is dedicated purely to kimono, kimono accessories, and kimono art.

Watchya thinking about Japanese lady? "Oh, pants and shoes and stuff"

i wonder what she's doing?

rainbow in your eyes — taishou-kun: Yukata for ”Otona no oshare techou”. Yukata Kimono, Kimono Dress, Kimono Top, Traditional Japanese Kimono, Traditional Dresses, Japanese Outfits, Korean Outfits, Japanese Lifestyle, Summer Kimono

rainbow in your eyes

taishou-kun: “ Yukata for ”Otona no oshare techou” 大人のおしゃれ手帖 magazine - Japan - June 2016 Source www.chikusen.co.jp ”

和装ブランド ザ・ヤード(THE YARD)の2018年春夏コレクションを紹介。 「白シャツの様に着る新しい日常をつくるきもの」をテーマに、現代のライフスタイルに溶け込むきものを提案するザ・ヤード。2... 写真5/11 Japanese Costume, Japanese Kimono, Summer Kimono, Yukata, Kimono Fashion, Costumes For Women, Aesthetic Clothes, Handsome, Asian


和装ブランド ザ・ヤード(THE YARD)の2018年春夏コレクションを紹介。 「白シャツの様に着る新しい日常をつくるきもの」をテーマに、現代のライフスタイルに溶け込むきものを提案するザ・ヤード。2... 写真5/11

This would be me if I was a geisha! A quiet moment for tea - love her fireworks yukata so beautiful Fashion Mode, Japan Fashion, Japanese Beauty, Japanese Girl, Japanese Yukata, Japanese Cotton, Japanese Design, Japanese Style, Beauty

Personal Appearance : Traditional Japanese Clothing

Japanese are very concerned on their personal appearance. For Japanese, their clothing worn is the first impression for other people, an impression of showing who they are, how wealthy they are and their social status. There are various type of clothing in Japan. For example Furisode, Hamonji, Iromuji, Komon, Edo Komon, Yukata, Hakama and others. However, The two of the most common clothing are YUKATA and KIMONO. Yukata is a casual way of dressing in Japan where as for Kimono, it is worn by…

(August geiko Toshisumi of Miyagawacho.

Umeno family dancing: Geiko Umeha, Maiko Umechie, Maiko Umehina and Shikomi Umekana

「梅乃」 Umeno Okiya

Umeno family dancing: Geiko Umeha, Maiko Umechie, Maiko Umehina and Shikomi Umekana (SOURCE)

Maiko Umehina and Ichiaya (Ichi okiya) during a hot summer day (SOURCE)

「梅乃」 Umeno Okiya

Maiko Umehina and Ichiaya (Ichi okiya) during a hot summer day (SOURCE)

Itchiku Kubota [during the and made his artistic Kimono inspired by Tsujigahana, a long lost XVIth century technique he spent 30 years re-inventing, to create “Itchiku Tsujigahana”. Japanese Textiles, Japanese Patterns, Japanese Fabric, Traditional Japanese Kimono, Traditional Fashion, Traditional Outfits, Traditioneller Kimono, Kimono Fabric, Geisha Art


Tsujigahana is a Japanese fabric dyeing technique that originated more than 350 years ago. It is a variety of kimono created by the technique of shibori. Tsujigahana's original technique is still a...

ワンカラー Japanese Outfits, Japanese Fashion, Japanese Clothing, Yukata, Summer Kimono, Japanese Kimono, Ao Dai, Traditional Outfits, Kimono Top