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a pile of cookies sitting on top of a table
Best No Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe (Made with Oil)
The best butterless cookies are these butterless chocolate chip cookies! Cookies without butter have a perfect chewy texture!
a cookie is sitting on top of a piece of parchment paper next to some chocolate chip cookies
The Best Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe
This oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe is perfectly gooey, chewy with warm chocolate chips. These are best oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.
two cups filled with ice cream and cookies
How to Make a Chips Ahoy Milkshake
Chips Ahoy Milkshake is made with vanilla ice cream and whole cookies! This delicious chocolate chip cookie milkshake is easy to make and perfect for summer.
diy lavender sachets with photos on them and text overlay that reads diy lavender sachets with photos
Looking for a sweet handmade Mother's Day gift idea? These handmade Lavender Sachets are so sweet and you can personalize with photos. Keep garments and clothes smelling fresh with these beautiful DIY lavender sachets!
raspberry margarita recipe in small glasses
Easy Raspberry Margarita Recipe on The Rocks
Raspberry margarita recipe with floral ice cube and fresh raspberries.
the dessert board is full of different types of deserts
How to Make A Simple Dessert Charcuterie Board
If you're looking for an easy dessert that will wow your guests, look no further than a dessert charcuterie board! This is the easiest dessert you'll ever make and a fun way to combine all of your favorite treats. It's perfect for any celebration and pairs nicely with an impressive cheese platter.
three glasses filled with water and flowers on a tray
Easy Mixed Drinks That Taste Amazing! - Sugar and Charm
Twenty-five of the best-mixed drinks to make at home using only 2-3 simple ingredients! Also, we are sharing our basic formula for making any mixed drinks.
an assortment of eggs with yellow flowers on them
Easy Raspberry Margarita Recipe on The Rocks
Floral round ice cubes.
a piece of chocolate cake on a plate with a fork and glass of milk next to it
The Best Homemade Chocolate Cake Recipe
This is the best homemade chocolate cake recipe. It's an incredibly moist chocolate cake with a fluffy texture and a perfect chocolate flavor. #ChocolateCake #ChocolateCakeRecipe #Chocolate #HomemadeChocolateCake
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shortbread cookie crumble bars with raspberries and powdered sugar
The Best Shortbread Cookie Crumble Bars! - Sugar and Charm
These shortbread cookie crumble bars are incredibly easy to make, buttery, and filled with raspberry jam.
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how to create a charming ice cream bar
How to Create a Charming Ice Cream Bar
Ideas for creating a charming ice cream bar! It's perfect for a birthday party or a summer kick-off party! Everyone loves ice cream and this is an easy summer dessert idea! #IceCream #IceCreamSundae #Summer #Dessert #Parties
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two margarita glasses with lime slices on them and the words mochai margarita recipe
Margarita Mocktail Recipe: A Refreshing Lemon Lime Spritz
A refreshing margarita mocktail recipe served on the rocks! This drink is made with fresh lime juice and lemon juice, giving it a delicious and refreshing flavor. It also has a touch of sparkling water, which gives it some light carbonation. And the best part? The salted rim makes it taste just like a margarita without the alcohol! #Margarita #Mocktail #LemonLimeSoda
fruit platter with yogurt and fresh fruits on the side, including grapes, watermelon, kiwis, peaches, raspberries
How to Make a Beautiful Fruit Platter
Everything you need to know on how to make a beautiful fruit platter! We're sharing our tips and tricks to make a show-stopping fruit tray that is perfect for parties! #fruitplatter #fruit #fruitplatterideas
a white plate topped with crackers, cauliflower, celery and other foods
The Best Whipped Goat Cheese Dip
This is the best-whipped goat cheese dip that can be made within 5 minutes! It's whipped with garlic, herbs, and super flavorful. It is an easy holiday appetizer for a party. Try this goat cheese appetizer for your next gathering, you'll how easy and delicious it is! #GoatCheeseDip #Appetizer #WhippedGoatCheese
ham and cheese sliders on a cutting board
Ham and Cheese Sliders on Hawaiian Rolls! - Sugar and Charm
Savory ham and cheese sliders served on sweet Hawaiian rolls. They are cheesy and delicious, and it’s an easy recipe. These rolls consist of fluffy Hawaiian rolls with layers of ham, melted cheese, and a Dijon mustard Worcestershire sauce poured over the top.