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Should you buy a turnkey investment property? -
Strategy Blog Update 🔥 Turnkey investment is an investment that does not require any work on the property before you can begin renting it. Should you buy a turnkey investment property? We provided information on how you can choose one! Read more here: #DetroitInvestmentProperties #DetroitInvestmentProperty #DetroitRealEstateInvesting #DetroitTurnkey #StrategyPropertiesBlog #StrategyProperties
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Nightmares in Real Estate Investing -
Strategy Blog Update 🔥 Whether it be getting started or years of work, there will always be "nightmares" that every real estate investor has encountered. We listed them down so you'll know what to expect when you invest in real estate. Read more here: #DetroitInvestmentProperties #DetroitInvestmentProperty #DetroitRealEstateInvesting #DetroitTurnkey #StrategyPropertiesBlog #StrategyProperties
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How the new tax code affects real estate investing -
Unsure if the recent changes to the tax code will affect you while you plan to invest in Real estate? Worry not! We provided several examples on how the tax code will affect you when you file your taxes next April Read more here: #DetroitInvestmentProperties #DetroitInvestmentProperty #DetroitRealEstateInvesting #DetroitTurnkey #StrategyPropertiesBlog #StrategyProperties
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How to invest in Real Estate using a 1031 Exchange -
Strategy Blog Update 🔥 A 1031 exchange is by far one of the best ways to invest in real estate. So we broke down 1031 exchanges to provide you with all the information you need to know before investing using this strategy Read more here: #DetroitInvestmentProperties #DetroitInvestmentProperty #DetroitRealEstateInvesting #DetroitTurnkey #StrategyPropertiesBlog #StrategyProperties
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How to invest in Real Estate using your IRA -
Strategy Blog Update 🔥 If you are planning on investing in Real Estate using your IRA, you're not alone! So to help investors who plan to do so, we have compiled easy steps for you to follow and help you understand more about how to do it. Read more here: #DetroitInvestmentProperties #DetroitInvestmentProperty #DetroitRealEstateInvesting #DetroitTurnkey #StrategyPropertiesBlog #StrategyProperties
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How to lose money fast in Real Estate -
Strategy Blog Update 🔥 Are you thinking about getting started with investing money in real estate, but you’re concerned about losing money? This article is written to let you know several ways to avoid mistake which will result in losing money. Read more here: #DetroitInvestmentProperties #DetroitInvestmentProperty #DetroitRealEstateInvesting #DetroitTurnkey #StrategyPropertiesBlog #StrategyProperties
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How to Maximize Return on Rental Property -
When investing in rental properties, the main goal is to make money. To be specific, to make the most money possible. There are a few tips that can help you—regardless of location or tenant demographics—that will aid you in the process of creating a maximum return. Read more here: #DetroitInvestmentProperties #DetroitInvestmentProperty #DetroitRealEstateInvesting #DetroitTurnkey #DetroitTurnkeyProperties #TurnkeyRealEstateInvesting
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Different Types of Real Estate Strategies -
Different Types of Real Estate Strategies Understanding the different options available to you through this varied industry will allow you to determine what is the best choice for you. So, what are the different types of real estate that you should be familiar with? learn more:
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Occupations in Michigan -
Occupations in Michigan. Read more here: