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As we travel this road of life, there are so many people who cross our paths. Some of those people bring inspiration and love, making us feel whole and real and valued. Other take from us, maybe without permission, and leave wounds, scars, or unhealable hurts. Let's be honest, it's hard to love - hard to love those closest to us and even harder to love those who simply come into our lives through no choice of our own.
When your high school English class reads independently, does it look more like a zoo than a library? Maybe you feel like it's never going to get better--or like it's not worth the hassle at all? This post gives you a glimpse into one teacher's independent reading practice, with insights on how she's gone from chaos, to manageable (and enjoyable) reading sessions. #itslitteaching #highschoolenglish #secondaryela #independentreading
The Achieve 3000 Checklist goes through the 5 steps, and it's a great way for students to self-check and make sure they are meeting all expectations.The Achieve 3000 Progress Log is designed to keep track of 5 articles for the week and students can graph their

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21 questions to ask your kids. Oh, I can't WAIT to hear the answers to these. Write them down and give as a gift. Can work for fathers or grandparents too.
If you want your house to smell heavenly, boil some orange peels with a 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon on Medium heat.
Stove top Christmas scent! One batch stays good for weeks, you just add water and heat it on low whenever you want it.

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a man standing in front of a blackboard with the words best advice for a first - time middle school teacher
Best Advice for a First-Time Middle School ELA Teacher
Are you a first-time middle school ELA teacher? If so, here are 6 pieces of advice you don’t want to forget as you run your classroom! #MiddleSchoolELA
a person writing on a piece of paper with apples in the background and text explaining planning the first days of high school ela
Successfully Planning the First Three Days of Secondary #mooreenglish
Back to school is one of the most challenging and stressful times of the year. Planning for the first day of school can be challenging, too. So I wanted to share my first day plans with you, including back to school stations and first day activities, syllabus design, and organization ideas.
a woman sitting at a table using a laptop computer
English Summer School Teaching Ideas
Teaching summer school as an ELA teacher can be rewarding. Organize your summer school lesson plans for high school English & ask what literature standards to meet. Summer school ELA curriculum can help high school students who are reluctant readers & reluctant writers. Even an ELA summer camp approach can benefit high school English students. Summer school English activities can include writing lessons, grammar activities, novel studies, lit circles, informaitonal texts, speech games & more.
Language Arts Classroom
Language Arts Classroom
an image with the words make the most of classroom motion in front of some apples
How to Incorporate Movement in High School Language Arts
Incorporating movement is an important part of developing engaging instruction. With meaningful, deliberate, and structured movement, students can benefit from spatial recall, collaboration, and development of their speaking and listening skills. Some of my favorite opportunities for meaningful motion in the classroom are essential to student engagement, to pairing movement with content, and to developing classroom community. With these strategies, teachers will have creative, fun lessons!
classroom organization with the words my favorite must haves for classroom organization on top and bottom
My Favorite Must-Haves for Classroom Organization - Rockin Resources
Organization plays an integral part in helping to keep busy classrooms on track with lesson plans, due dates, and life! If you've found yourself swimming in a pile of papers, losing your mind trying to find materials for lessons, or just becoming frustrated with your current classroom set up, then you’re in luck! Listed below is a collection of MY FAVORITE MUST-HAVES FOR CLASSROOM ORGANIZATION to ensure that your classroom runs like a well-oiled machine! Education inspiration
Establishing a classroom community is part of classroom organization and classroom management. Seating charts are an important part of building a functional and supportive classroom environment. Consider how you will arrange desks and students. Will you use flexible seating? Will you have a teacher desk? Will your seating chart match your classroom routines and classroom procedures? How you arrange your classroom says a lot about how you will empower students. #iteachtoo #iteachela #englishteach Reading, Middle School English, Classroom Behavior, Classroom Community, Secondary Classroom, Classroom Routines, Classroom Procedures, Classroom Environment
Are You Making These Seating Chart Mistakes?
Establishing a classroom community is part of classroom organization and classroom management. Seating charts are an important part of building a functional and supportive classroom environment. Consider how you will arrange desks and students. Will you use flexible seating? Will you have a teacher desk? Will your seating chart match your classroom routines and classroom procedures? How you arrange your classroom says a lot about how you will empower students. #iteachtoo #iteachela #englishteach
a woman sitting at a desk in front of a laptop with the words how to really be successful with online teaching
How to Really Be Successful With Online Teaching
Whether you’re looking to be more tech-savvy in your regular classroom because your students love to explore technology or you’re scrambling to navigate the virtual world because of a sudden need to teach remotely, there are many ways you can add digital learning to your repertoire. This blog post will give you tips on how to really be successful with online teaching. You can use this for students who are homebound, traveling abroad for a family event, for centers, etc.
Rockin Resources® | Elementary ELA Teaching Tips + Free Resources
Rockin Resources® | Elementary ELA Teaching Tips + Free Resources
transition to middle school tips and advice blog post Middle School Science, Middle School Study Skills, Middle School Teachers, Middle School Hacks, Middle School Lesson Plans, Middle School Lessons, Middle School Student, Education Middle School, Middle Schoolers
Transition to Middle School Tips and Ideas
Are you preparing kids to move up to middle school? Read this blog post to find ways to get them ready for a successful start. Also great for middle schoolers who need a refresher on organization and study skills. #middleschooltips #middleschoolideas #endoftheschoolyear #upperelementary #6thgrade #5thgrade #studyskills #counselinglessons #executivefuntioning
an image of how to prepare subsittue teacher plans and activities
How to Prepare Substitute Teacher Plans and Activities
How to prepare 5th grade substitute teacher plans and activities
a hand holding a white feather with the words how to stay calm in support of student success
How to Stay Calm and Control Your Nonverbal Communication
Ever get sucked into arguments with students? Do out of control students make you feel out of control? Click through to learn how to stay calm when students aren't in support of their behavioral, social, and academic success. Also, get access to our resource library, chock full of downloadable PDFs of worksheets, classroom posters, and other tools to inspire, motivate, and change how your students read and write for academic success. #literacy #classroommanagement #studentbehavior #reading
what is multimodal composition? with an image of a painting on the wall
What is Multimodal Composition?
Multimodal composition is all the rage right now. And, it definitely works in engaging students with texts of all sorts. Do you know what multimodal composition is? Click through to see and access a visual model of what multimodal composition is and to watch a video explaining each of the modes. Get students creating today! #multimodal #multimodalcomposition #teachingmultimodality #multimedia #arteducation #edtech #technology #
Books and coffee for a teacher who is teaching middle school grammar. Middle School Writing, Middle School English Teacher, Middle School Grammar, Teaching Middle School English, Language Arts Lesson Plans, Grammar Activities Middle School, Teaching Middle School, High School Language Arts
Middle School Grammar
Teaching grammar in middle school requires personality. Just as you have favorite literature & writing lessons, you will soon have beloved grammar lessons. Grammar lessons should be engaging and contain many elements. My first piece of advice for personalizing grammar programs for middle school is to make the lesson yours. Think about your favorite tools for other parts of class. Teaching grammar in middle school requires a variety of tools for a variety of learners.
Language Arts Classroom
Language Arts Classroom
the 25 easy and fun diy escape room puzzles are great for kids to play with
26 DIY Escape Room Ideas for Kids
escape room ideas for kids, DIY escape room puzzle, fun escape room puzzle idea, easy escape room puzzles, escape room puzzle at home, fun escape room puzzle, dice escape room puzzle, kids escape room puzzle, escape room at home, create your own language, create your own escape room
four people making heart shapes with their hands and the words how to promote gratitude in your classroom
How to Promote Gratitude In Your Classroom - LP Tutoring
Promoting gratitude in your classroom can improve your class climate and your students' mental health! Find out how to start today! | #teachingteens #SEL #gratitude #teachinggratitude #teacher
a woman doing yoga with the text how to use movement to improve your focus read more
How Exercise Will Boost Your Learning & Focus - LP Tutoring
Did you know that your brain needs you to move? Find out how movement, however modest, helps you focus! | #focus #exercise #studytips #studyskills #college #highschool