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Task cards galore! This board is dedicated to task cards with a focus on ELA. Find task cards for grammar, writing, poetry, reading, vocabulary, and more.
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Text Structure Sort
Text Structure Activity: help your students practice informational text structures with this ready to use resource! 50 cards to read and sort. Great for upper elementary and middle school ELA!
a group of young men standing around a table with food on it and the words, my role 4 for teaching middle school
My Rule #4 for Teaching Middle School - Loving Language Arts
My rules for teaching middle school will make your adolescent students happier and more engaged. They'll behave better and you'll discipline less. Take my advice and give it a try!
a woman is looking at books on the shelves in a library and she is reading
An English teacher sorts through books looking for a one-day English lesson plan.
Looking for a one-day English lesson plan? Organize your lesson plan book for language arts classes with this helpful guideline for quick days.
a book shelf filled with books and the words 5 ways to increase a culture of literacy
Literacy-Rich Classroom
Why is literacy important with high school students? To create a literacy rich environment, design your classroom with literacy in mind. Consider books, discussions, relationships, and overall messages.
a stack of books with the title how to end the year strong engaging activities for secondary teachers
5 Engaging End Of The School Year Activities for Middle & High School
It’s time to start planning out the final few weeks. Here is a look at some end of year teaching resources that will help end your school year on a solid note. End the year strong in your secondary ELA classroom with these end of year activities to keep your students learning and engaged including career research paper, argument paper, socratic seminar, graphic essay, and more. Stop at thedaringenglishteacher.com to get more helpful tips and resources for teaching middle & high school students.
a woman hiding her face behind a blanket with apples on it and the words are you neglecting these 4 skills in hs ela?
Are You Neglecting these 4 Skills in High School English / Moore English
In the past, I've neglected certain parts of ELA. Some skills I blew off. Others made me uncomfortable. And others I expected students to have before they arrived in my classroom. None of these are good reasons to write off academic skills. More than anything, these attitudes put my students at a disadvantage. Similarly, these attitudes also prevented me from making professional growth. And I'm hope that by sharing my mistakes, others can learn what NOT to overlook or neglect in ELA instruction
bookshelf full of books with the words 7 tips for successful summer reading on it
7 tips for successful summer reading
It's what every parent and teacher want to know - how do I get my middle schooler to read over the summer? Here are 7 SUPER SIMPLE tips to get even the most reluctant reader interested.
a person writing on a notebook with the words library analss stations in front of them
How to Use Stations for Literary Analysis
Literary analysis writing is one of the cornerstones of language arts. To help students prepare for literary analysis, I use this set of stations. These stations feature story elements, summarizing, silent discussion, and writing conferences. With stations, students have a chance to work collaboratively, even in a distance learning or blended learning situation. Stations also allow students to build community and learn from one another. Using stations also brings movement to the classroom
an image with the words make the most of classroom motion in front of some apples
How to Incorporate Movement in High School Language Arts
Incorporating movement is an important part of developing engaging instruction. With meaningful, deliberate, and structured movement, students can benefit from spatial recall, collaboration, and development of their speaking and listening skills. Some of my favorite opportunities for meaningful motion in the classroom are essential to student engagement, to pairing movement with content, and to developing classroom community. With these strategies, teachers will have creative, fun lessons!
a girl reading a book in front of bookshelves with the title 5 end - of - school - year activities for high school english
5 End-of-school-year Activities for High School English
Need some low prep, engaging activities for the end of the school year? These five ideas for high school English are the perfect balance of fun and low stress! Click here to check them out and plan out your last few weeks of the year with ease! #itslitteaching #endoftheschoolyear #highschoolenglish #secondaryela
a library filled with lots of books and people walking through the aisle, text reads important reasons why pulling out reading programs don't work
Important Reasons Why Pull Out Reading Programs Don't Work
Does your school use pull out reading programs? You know, the ones that take students who need extra help OUT of the classroom for specialized instruction. Click through to learn why, even if your school doesn't use them, pull out reading programs do more harm than good. Learn what you can do instead! #readingintervention #readingcomprehension #reading #readingteacher #readingstrategies #readingcomprehensionstrategies #readingstrategyinstruction #readinginstruction