Never grow old!

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Grappige citaten over leeftijd en oud worden.

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Ari Seth Cohen: Stylish Senior Who Refuse to Wear Old-People Clothes Look Fashion, Runway Fashion, Mens Fashion, Street Fashion, Mode Masculine, Ari Seth Cohen, Estilo Hippy, Look Man, Advanced Style

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Easter Parade 2015 New York, Advanced Style

I always hope to have interesting friends....

Old Couple/Underwear envelope) - Valentine's Day Card - FRONT: No Text INSIDE: If your reaction lasts more than four hours.

Hihihihi .... soms als ik langs een lingeriezaak loop , denk ik , zal ik even kijken of ik iets moois voor je zie ....... dan bedenk ik me maar, want ondanks dat ik weet dat jij t mooi vindt is t ook 'de kat op het spek binden' .. en das niet de bedoeling.. 😅☺ ajbwib

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I’ve Got the Moves Like Grandpa

You may have to get older but that doesn't mean you have to get old.

Think your to old to start something new or do something old you think your to old to do? Think again~so cool. LOL Looks Like the Bolsa crew!

never too old to learn something new!

Keiko Fukuda Shihan passed away yesterday at the age of She was the last surviving student of the founder of judo, Jigoro Kano, and the highest ranking female judoka in history. She was promoted.

Smitty on Baseball

you go girl!!!

PETER ALLMARK: Abstract This article claims that health promotion is best practised in the light of an Aristotelian conception of the good life for humans.

This lady is wonderful. Never too old to play music.


Picture this...

10 Ways to Be a Good Neighbor -

Young at Heart!

Kansas-born Nola Ochs took her college course at Fort Hays State Univ in but didn’t complete her degree till at age becoming the nation’s oldest college graduate. Graduating with a GPA alongside her granddaughter! Never too late!

11 Super Seniors We Admire | Everyday Health

From a 92-year-old marathon runner to an 84-year-old waterskiing champ to a 98-year-old master's degree recipient, check out these senior citizens who are doing amazing things.

To be like this at that age. Granny dj by Dan Talson. Vinyl Junkies, New Wave, Pop Rock, Record Players, The Dj, Music Is Life, House Music, Old Women, Vinyl Records

La Beauté de Pandore

DJ Granny by Bizartum on Flickr. Michal Matovcik

Old Man Shovels Snow With Walker Plow. It's working slightly better than when he used it to mow the lawn. old people, snow, engineering, plow, sad Never Grow Old, Never Give Up, In Soviet Russia, Old Folks, The Golden Years, Snow Plow, Old Age, Young At Heart, College Humor

Meanwhile in Sweden...

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