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black pepper tofu and green beans in a skillet with the title overlay
Vegan Black Pepper Tofu & Green Beans
an image of a plate of food with chicken and broccoli on it, including rice
Sheet Pan Chinese Cashew Tofu | Darn Good Veggies
a salad with chickpea, tomatoes and cucumber in a white bowl
Chickpea Salad Recipe
an image of how to make tofu marinades
7 Easy Tofu Marinades With Incredible Flavor
cubed tofu in an air fryer on top of a gray countertop
Ultra Crispy Air Fryer Tofu
overhead shot of tofu cubes in air fryer
buffalo chicken taquitass are an easy and delicious appetizer that is ready to be eaten
Buffalo Chickpea Taquitos (Baked or Air-Fried) - Elavegan
a spoon full of soup with rice and cilantro on the table next to it
West African Peanut Stew (Vegan) - The Simple Veganista
West African Peanut Stew - Made in one pot this easy vegan recipe is a warm and comforting meal that’s healthy and super easy to make. It's well-balanced, full of vitamins and minerals and gluten-free with an option to be oil-free! Also known as groundnut stew, maafe or domoda.
six stuffed peppers in a white casserole dish with parmesan cheese on top
Italian Vegan Stuffed Peppers (Best Ever!) - The Simple Veganista
Vegan Stuffed Peppers recipe features a flavorful mix of veggies, herbs and protein rich tempeh for a hearty and delicious lunch, dinner or meal prep idea! Easy and healthy with an oil free option.
two bowls filled with potatoes, asparagus and carrots next to avocado
Vegan Sheet Pan Dinner | Herbed Potato, Asparagus & Chickpeas
Vegan Sheet Pan Dinner with herbed potato, asparagus and chickpeas is roasted to perfection and so easy to make using one pan with a few ingredients and is full of flavor! #sheetpandinner #asparagus #healthyrecipes #veganrecipes #plantbased
a plate with waffles and strawberries on it next to the words low carb protein waffles
Easy Vanilla Low Carb Protein Waffles Recipe