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Love and Deepspace Plushie
Finally making new plushies! ✨ This time I am making the 3 boys from Love and Deepspace 🩷 Let's make Zayne first, tell me what you think of the plushie ☺️⛄️ I love how round and smooth his little face turned out! #loveanddeepspace #zayneloveanddeepspace
a close up of a stuffed animal on a red surface with white and black hair
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some cute little anime dolls in plastic bags
ang ╱|、 (˚ˎ 。7 |、˜〵 じしˍ,)ノ
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Nendoroid Doll Clothes Sewing Patterns Download Printable school uniforms Sewing Pattern PDF Free Do
two stuffed animals sitting next to each other in front of a ruler and the measurements
a black and white stuffed animal with hearts on it's face wearing a dress
an image of a doll with clothes on it
ᡣ • . • 𐭩 ♡
ᡣ • . • 𐭩 ♡
two pieces of clothing with lace on the top and bottom, one in black and white