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Shawn Peronto
Show me the canoe!

Show me the canoe!

I'm shopping canoes, more or less, right now. I decided last fall I wanted one, and I'll probably take the summer to outfit it for fall or next year. I'm going to start seriously looking this month. I think I want something in the 12-14' range, with a good beam. This is going to be for isolated ponds I can't get the boat into. A fellow fly fisherman in Louisiana put this awesome package together (hope you don't mind me using this here, SL!) and it's pretty much what I want to accomplish:'

Overview of River Ridge Custom Canoe

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Kel's Canoe

MY BOAT: Old Town Canoe - Fishing World

It might be branded Old Town but there's not a lot that's old school about this well set up fishing canoe. DAVID GREEN reports.