Forms of Energy

Ideas to help elementary teachers teach about forms of energy, thermal energy, sound, light, mechanical energy, and electrical energy
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the instructions for straw - ments are shown on top of each other, with blue circles around them
Labs for Sound, Thermal, and Light Energy
Forms of Energy activities
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7 Ideas for Forms of Energy
“I used this resource at a summer camp and it was THE BEST THING EVER!!! Directions were clear to the point. The kids were able to follow, complete the activity and enjoy their solar treats with their solar ovens. Not only was this activity successful, the news in our town came out to see what our summer camp was up to and this activity made the paper.”
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7 Ideas to Teach Forms of Energy — The Science Penguin
Get your students thinking about forms of energy with this ENGAGE activity. Students can walk around the classroom, a wing of the school, or even their homes to find the 7 items described. Students shouldn’t require much background to complete the scavenger hunt– you can discuss all the good stuff (the content 🙃) after the hunt!
four different types of energy are shown with the words forms of energy written on them
Forms of Energy Vocabulary and Writing
Forms of Energy Vocabulary and Writing
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How energy changes form
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Thermal Conductivity Investigation
Get the details on this thermal conductivity investigation in my 4th grade energy free planning guide
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Free Thermal Energy Lab with printables
Find this and more in the Free Planning Guide for Energy
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Free Uses of Energy Printable
Perfect for forms of energy: electrical, sound, light, thermal, and mechanical