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a person is holding some raspberries in their hands and they are full of them
a woman preparing food on top of a table next to cups and saucers filled with fruit
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two pink and yellow flowers in a vase
a bunch of fruit sitting on top of a table next to each other in front of the ocean
𝐸𝑠𝑡𝑒𝑙𝑙𝑒 ❥
a vase filled with pink lilies on top of a wooden table next to a lamp
Stargazer lily June 2023 ⭐️
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credit: frankly.alina (instagram)
a person sitting on the ground with a camera and cell phone in their lap top
clothes hanging out to dry on a line in an alleyway with buildings and green shutters
Cinque terre, Italy
a woman reading a book while holding a piece of fruit
people sitting at a table playing cards with cups and bowls full of food in the background
₊·꒰ა 𓂋 ໒꒱ ‧₊˚
there is a store front with various items for sale
two women sitting in a bathtub looking at their cell phones while they look out the window
an old building with shutters and flowers in front
two women sitting at a table with candles in front of them and another woman standing by the door
an alley way leading to the water
a white house with blue windows and green shutters on the outside, surrounded by trees
there is a bottle of john berger on the grass
a woman laying on top of a beach next to a bag and some food in her hair
10 new books to read this month
a shirtless man leaning against a wall looking down at the street from an apartment building
a bowl filled with cherries on top of an open book
a bed with a wooden headboard and white sheets on it, next to a small table
Beds i’ve slept in
an orange sitting on top of a towel next to a pool with a glass bottle