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Time to update the dictionary | Sally KuhlmanSally Kuhlman

stepmother: a woman who has married one’s father after the death or divorce of one’s mother ~thefreedictionary.com We need a new word! The word stepmother needs to be updated to be more…

Rewards of Being a StepMom. I think I need to stop and read this when things get tough.

Rewards of Being a StepMom

Women who had their first period before age 12 seem predisposed to premature or early menopause. Bob Dylan, Digital Literacy, Other Mothers, Citizenship, Another World, Passive Income, Teamwork, Classroom Management, Psychology

Other Mothers - Sally Around the Bay

Mother’s Day is coming up. This is a tough one for me. Not as a daughter but as a mother. It is a day that I am reminded of how…

Mother’s Day: It’s Complicated

Mother’s Day: It’s Complicated | Sally KuhlmanSally Kuhlman

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Most of us think of sweet old ladies, flowers and chocolates when it comes to this day. Many also feel guilty for not doing enough or wake up on Mother…

Books also need an an elevator speech or book blurb.

Book Blurb | Sally KuhlmanSally Kuhlman

One of the most important things to have when you are trying to market your business is an elevator speech. An elevator speech is a simple blurb to quickly describe what you do. Books also need an…

Are you a heart mother? Other Mothers, Raising Kids, Heart, Disciplining Children

Heart Mothers | Sally KuhlmanSally Kuhlman

I found the title of my book! Heart Mothers! Heart mothers is a great way to describe the women I am interviewing because they truly are mothers from the heart. Many are raising children they did n…

 When I was a young mother I used to think all of those other moms knew what they were doing, like they were mother experts or something.

We Are All Other Mothers | Sally KuhlmanSally Kuhlman

It took me this long to figure out that we are all other mothers. We all have a story, even those of us who look like the perfect “normal” traditional mothers. This book is not going to…

Oh, Yes I Can! Lesbian Moms, Yes I Can, Foster Mom, Other Mothers, Teen Mom, Raising Kids, Canning, Home Canning, Conservation

Oh, Yes I Can! | Sally KuhlmanSally Kuhlman

“Oh, Yes I Can!” is my new motto for 2013 and this is my new blog dedicated to the book I am going to finish writing! This is my year of saying yes to opportunity. I will be using this …

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Manual to Raising Kids - Sally Around the Bay Other Mothers, Adolescence, Raising Kids, Divorce, The Fosters, My Books, Self, Parenting, Childcare

Manual to Raising Kids - Sally Around the Bay

I have been spending a lot of time researching parenting for my book about other mothers. No matter what your parenting status is (married, single, straight, gay, adopted, foster, divorced,…