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A playful and vibrant room decorated with colorful and vibrant abstract artwork. Inspiration, Wall Art, Interiors, Interior, Home, Tables, Artists, Los Angeles, Architecture
Good Vibrations: Artist Sachiko Bradley’s Positively-Charged Paintings
Color, shape, and pattern may be some of the first features one notices about Sachiko Bradley's abstract works. The Los Angeles-based artist combines themes of racial identity, geometry, and astrology with intentional and playful color palettes to create her abstract paintings. Meet the artist and take a peek into her vibrant artistic practice on Saatchi Art.
Images around the artists' studio. Gestural, bright abstract art fills every wall. Art, Contemporary Art, Oil Paintings, Abstract Art, Abstract Artists, Emerging Artists, Artsy, Artist
Creating Art Together: Abstract Artists Monica Lee & Michael Rich
Monica Lee and Michael Rich are married artists taking distinctive approaches to abstraction in their shared studio space in Rhode Island. While both take inspiration from nature, Monica uses nature as a metaphor for passion and how it plays out in humanity, while Michael explores the beauty of the landscape through an approach to painting that is visceral, physical, and colorful. Discover their distinctive approaches on Saatchi Art.
An artist stands in front of her vibrant paintings. Design, Devon, Portrait, Everyday Artist, Contemporary Artists, Art Fair
Beauty in the Everyday | Artist Devon Grimes
Brooklyn-based artist Devon Grimes creates illustrations and paintings focusing on the intersection of fine art and graphic design. Her distorted lines and vivid colors introduce whimsy into her portraits and still lifes. Discover her practice on Saatchi Art in an interview with our curators.