The Sweetest Christmas at Rustan's

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three different types of shoes and accessories laid out on a blue surface next to a red box
Trainers, Sneakers, Under Armor, Underarmor Sneaker
two stuffed animals sitting next to each other on a shelf with pens and pencils
clothes and accessories laid out on a table with blue balls, pink sweater, red shoes
the contents of a phone case are laid out next to some other items on a table
an assortment of holiday themed items on a green surface with snowflakes and evergreens
Shirts, Ralph Lauren, Tops, Jackets, Polo, Men, Mens Tops, Ralph
various items are laid out on a red surface next to christmas ornaments and decorations, including scarves
christmas decorations and coffee mugs on a red table
a table topped with plates and silverware next to blue ribbon
a table topped with candles and other holiday decorations next to green balls, candy canes and ornaments