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Lawyer signals that the legal battle with the US over the fate of the Huawei CFO will be a political one

A lawyer for Sabrina Meng Wanzhou, daughter of one of China’s richest men and CFO of Huawei the telecom company her dad founded, just hinted at her defence strategy. And the Trump administration may be in for a long, difficult, and highly politicized court battle to secure her extradition from Canada.

How Slack’s New Logo Became a Lightning Rod For Everything Bad On The Internet

Designers in 2019 face all kinds of challenges. One of them: figuring out how trolls are going to turn their logos into swastikas or human genitalia.

One of Melania Trump's State of the Union guests is a 6th-grader named Joshua Trump she says gets bullied because of his name

The list of President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump’s guests attending the State of the Union was released on Monday night – and one of the guests has a familiar last name.

A professional race car driver turned the luxurious Porsche 911 into a rugged off-road sports car

I Am Truly Losing Grip Of Reality After Seeing This Image Of Nicolas Cage As Ross From "Friends"

Well, isn't that something.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai says the company isn't backing down from the challenge that 'Fortnite' poses to the Android app store business

Google is holding the line on the economics of its app store.

A College Student Found A Man Living Inside Her Closet Wearing Her Clothes

"I’m like, 'Who’s there?' And somebody answers, 'Me.'"

I Am Truly Losing Grip Of Reality After Seeing This Image Of Nicolas Cage As Ross From "Friends"

Well, isn't that something.

Sorry Millennials, Only Boomers Can Get 18/20 On This Quiz

Were you born between 1946 and 1964? Answer these questions to prove that you are an authentic baby boomer.

Australian banking stocks have ripped higher after the final Hayne report

After the Hayne commission’s final report from its inquiry into misconduct in financial services, look what’s happening to the ASX financial index today:

"Us" Is Jordan Peele's Follow Up To "Get Out" And You May Have Missed A Bunch Of Cool Details In The New Trailer

Nothing like a doppelgänger horror film to get your red string theories going!

This Woman Found Revenge Porn On Google Drive — And Now She's Fighting Back

One young woman’s attempt to be so much more than a cautionary tale.

Take a look inside the German castle that inspired Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle

Tucked away in the German Alps sits Neuschwanstein castle – a palace that is as much a piece of art as the murals that line its walls.

"Scream Queens" Might Be Getting Rebooted And, Oh My Chanel, I'm Super Excited

This is, quite literally, the only reboot I give a crap about.

Pick A Pizza, And We'll Reveal The Year Of Your Death

I mean how else are you going to find out??

Cardi B's High School Teacher Wrote A Facebook Post Slamming Her Haters And It's Everything

"STFU and take a seat."