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The Zen of Spring Rose Pruning

Breathe. You know what day it is. Breathe. Here in the Grand Valley, April 15 signifies more than a day that can be stress-inducing to those still crunching numbers trying to beat the tax deadli…

Home Made Aphid Spray For Roses

Get rid of nasty aphid on your roses with this simple to make spray

How To Treat Black Spots On Roses Organically| The WHOot

Learn how to Treat Black Spots On Roses Organically without any harsh chemicals. Watch the video and get all the steps and tips here.

How To Multiply Roses From Cuttings Video Instructions | The WHOot

Learn how to multiply roses with this step by step technique that will result in blooming beautiful plants. Shirley Bovshow shares her video tutorial.

How To Use Epsom Salt For Brighter, More Beautiful Roses

I am sure you have heard of the benefits Epsom salt brings. Using Epsom salt for roses has long been a best friend and an excellent supplement for rose growers. Now, let’s take a look at how you can use Epsom salt and have amazing roses. The Benefits Of Epsom Salts For Roses Roses usually suffer […]

All Natural Fertilizers - Best Homemade Garden Solutions | The WHOot

You will love these all natural fertilizers that will ensure that your garden doesn't just survive but it thrives. Try them out today.

Basic Rose Care For Beginners | How To Care For Roses | Moms Need To Know ™

One of the first flowers I fell in love with were roses. They come in so many colors from bright white to soft pink to fiery red. Roses have one of the most beautiful scents in the flower world. They also come as single open petals or ones that have over a hundred petals that...Read More »

How to Plant Roses

Roses can use extra care when you first plant them. These tips for transplanting or planting roses will get them off to a great start.

8 Kitchen Remedies for Perfect Roses

Get perfect, beautiful rose blooms with simple fixes right in your kitchen with these 8 kitchen remedies for perfect roses. Kitchen Remedies for Perfect Roses Do you want to get your roses looking amazing but

Growing Roses from Cuttings - Gardening Channel

Rose lovers are always talking with friends and fellow gardeners about their plants. Trading cuttings is a social medium of exchange that many take part in. Once you have a cutting from a prized rose bush, what do you do with it? Many rose growers have never tried growing from cuttings and are intimidated by […]

Easiest Roses To Grow: Foolproof Rose Growing Guide

When it comes to growing roses, it can be a challenge choosing the right varieties, especially when you live in a climate that may not be rose-friendly. We've compiled a list of the easiest roses to grow...your foolproof rose growing guide so that no matter where you are, how minimal your gardening skills, you'll be able to enjoy a beautiful rose garden! Keep reading to find out what the easiest roses to grow are and how to maximize your rose garden! Easiest Roses to Grow These roses are low…

HOW TO Propagate Rose Stem Cuttings

HOW TO Propagate Rose Stem Cuttings:

easiest way to Root Roses from Cuttings

You can root roses from cuttings quickly and easily. Don't fall for the root them in a potato myth. That is a waste of time!. Do it much easier and faster!

Epsom Salt for Roses and Bloomers!

Here are some specific ways Epsom Salt benefits roses: Improves rose flower blooming. It enhances a plant’s green color. Helps plants grow bushier.