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a woman with long hair and an elaborate headdress is depicted in this artistic painting
Time is Shiv.
two animals with long hair and horns on their heads are depicted in this black and white painting
Shiv Shakti black and white🙏
Pc- @__we_wake_ #shiva #shivajimaharaj #durgamaa #durgapuja #mahadev
an image of a man riding on the back of an elephant with horns and eyes
a painting of a woman holding a knife and fork in her left hand while sitting on the ground
Mahadev Pic | Jai Mahakal ki
the god is sitting in the desert with his staff
Om namha Shivya 💥🙏🏻
an artistic image of a candle with flames in the foreground and blue sky behind it
four different types of fire and water on a black background with the words truth love art peace
Wallpeper Of Shree Ram,Krishna,Shiva #wallpaper
the four silhouettes of three different people on a black background
#wallpaper #mahadev #shreekrishna #shreeram #god
an image of a woman holding a sceptacle on her shoulder and standing in front of a multi - colored background