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a white bowl filled with pasta and meat topped with parmesan cheese on top
Pasta Chihuahua
Get Pasta Chihuahua Recipe from Food Network
a white bowl filled with pasta covered in meat and sauce, on top of a table
Giada's Slow Cooker Short Rib Ragu
pasta with meat sauce and parmesan cheese in a bowl on a wooden table
Crockpot Sunday Sauce | Half Baked Harvest
6h 30m
spaghetti and meatballs are piled on top of each other in a bowl with sauce
Sunday Gravy
a white plate topped with pasta covered in meat sauce and parsley on top of a table
Authentic Italian Gravy
an image of a plate of food with spaghetti and meat on it, and the words anthony bourdaiis sunday gravy
A Step-by-Step Recipe for Anthony Bourdain's Sunday Gravy
a pan filled with meatballs and sauce on top of an oven burner next to a stove
Soprano's Sunday Gravy (Spaghetti Sauce) Recipe - Food.com
2h 15m
a pot filled with red sauce sitting on top of a stove
San Marzano Tomato Sauce Recipe — ButterYum — a tasty little food blog
a pot filled with red sauce and garnished with herbs
San Marzano Tomato Sauce
4h 5m
a pasta dish with meat, tomato sauce and parmesan bread on the side
All-In-One Spaghetti Recipe
Herbed Beef Ragu Recipe
slow cooked shredded beef ragu pasta in a skillet
Slow Cooked Shredded Beef Ragu Pasta
2h 50m
two plates of pasta and bread on a wooden table with utensils next to them
Slow Cooker Red Wine Sunday Ragù Pasta.
6h 20m
a pan filled with tomato sauce on top of a table
San Marzano Tomato Sauce {Family Recipe}
Amazing San Marzano Tomato Sauce - a famous family recipe that is the BEST tomato sauce you will ever have! | asimplepalate.com #asimplepalate #tomatosauce #tomatorecipe #italianrecipe #marinarasauce
4h 5m
a pot filled with red sauce and garnished with parsley on the side
Italian Arrabbiata Sauce (sugo all'arrabbiata)
Dress up your favorite Italian dishes with this authentic arrabbiata tomato sauce. A luscious red sauce with a pleasant touch of spice. This homemade tomato sauce is simmered to perfection and will compliment your favorite pasta, fish, or chicken recipes! | asimplepalate.com #tomatosauce #arrabbiatasauce #pasta #Italiangravy
3h 10m
a white plate topped with spaghetti covered in sauce next to a fork and knife on top of a wooden table
Macaronia Me Kima (Greek Bolognese)
I Pray to Feta: Macaronia Me Kima (Greek Bolognese). - ****Some say this Greek Gravy is the origin of Cincinnati's Greek Coney Dog sauce................Me ??? I'm stayin the heck outa it - Brandon