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Product Versus Feature Launches Existing Customer, Global Business, Supply Chain, Market Research, Definitions, Leadership, Insight, Psychology, Innovation

Understanding the Differences of Product Versus Feature Launches

Fompanies need to be innovative. However, this does not always mean totally new products. Thus, our focus here to be review product versus feature launches.

Looking Ahead to 2030 Books To Read Online, New Books, Good Books, Dna, Technological Unemployment, Change Is Coming, Creative Class, Brave New World, Global Economy

Ten Years Out: Looking Ahead to 2030 -- Will YOU Be Ready?

Looking ahead to 2030, while thinking about 2020. Really? Yes, at the same time, good marketers must be forward-thinking, too.

Wrapping Up Our COVID-19 Career Series Career Change, New Career, Career Advice, Branding Process, Self Branding, Online Marketing Courses, Best Workplace, Global Business, Government Jobs

Wrapping Up Our COVID-19 Career Series -- Covering Many Topics

Today, we are wrapping up our COVID-19 career series. There are more than THIRTY posts. Of course, we will continue providing career-related information.

Projecting Scenarios in a COVID-19 World Global Business, Supply Chain, Btob, Thought Provoking, 5 Years, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Budgeting, Innovation

Projecting Scenarios in a COVID-19 World -- Looking Ahead 3-5 Years

This is quite challenging: Projecting Scenarios in a COVID-19 World. We still have so much to learn. Today, we turn to a report by Deloitte and Salesforce.

Planning Your COVID-Related Communications: A Flowchart [Infographic] Direct Marketing, The Marketing, Digital Marketing, Sales Presentation, Self Branding, Improve Communication, Marketing Communications, Global Business, Ways To Communicate

A Tool for Improving Communications During COVID-19

As the pandemic rages on, we must learn more best practices. Such as improving communications during COVID-19. Especially from a consumer perspective.

Instagram Is Revamping Reels Like Instagram, Instagram Tips, Facebook Instagram, Instagram Story, Snapchat Users, Progress Bar, Lightning In A Bottle, Public Profile, Songs

Instagram Is Revamping Reels -- Will This Be Successful?

After some criticism, we see that Instagram is revamping Reels. This is opportunistic timing by Instagram, given TikTok's scrutiny

Video Game Consoles Keep Rocking Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Playstation 2, Wii, Keep Rocking, First Video Game, Video Games, Current Generation, Video Game Industry

All-Time Popularity: Video Game Consoles Keep Rocking

Video game consoles keep rocking. It may be hard to believe, but video game consoles have been around for nearly 50 years.

Is the New iPhone 12 Worth the Hype? Ipad Air, Apple Watch, Iphone 11, Apple Iphone, Apple Today, Talkie Walkie, Smartphone, Mini One, New Age

Is the New iPhone 12 Worth the Hype? YOU decide

Last Tuesday, Apple announced the introduction of the new iPhone 12. Some critics are asking? Is the new iPhone 12 worth the hype? Read on.

TikTok Plays on Its Strengths Mick Fleetwood, Social Media Games, Commercial Ads, Global Business, The Marketing, Popular Music, Tv Commercials, Social Platform, Viral Videos

Staying in the Social Media Game: TikTok Plays on Its Strengths

TikTok faces U.S. government restrictions and more competition from IReels. In response, TikTok plays on its strengths with video clips.

Do YOU Have What It Takes to Lead? Career Path, Career Advice, Leadership Competencies, Lead Change, Self Branding, Global Business, Free In, What It Takes, Great Leaders

Do YOU Have What It Takes to Lead? A Free In-depth Quiz to Help You

Looking to move up in your career path? If yes, can you answer this in the affirmative -- Do YOU Have What It Takes to Lead? Take the quiz to see. :-)

Apple Is the First 2 Trillion Dollar US Company App Store, Microsoft, Gas Giant, My Market, Apple Watch 1, Us Companies, Share Prices, Global Business, World Of Sports

On a Real Run: Apple Is the First 2 Trillion Dollar US Company

On March 27, 2020, Apple was valued at $1.08 trillion. In less than sixth months, Apple is the first 2 trillion dollar US company.

2020 Global Most Valuable Brands Self Branding, Global Business, Creativity And Innovation, Business Advice, Loyalty, Leadership, Psychology, Infographic, Advertising

A BrandZ Report: 2020 Global Most Valuable Brands

BrandZ does a leading global brand report. Here, we present the 2020 global most valuable brands report. With multimedia.

Coca-Cola Seeking to Turn Things Around Coca Cola History, Soda Brands, Soda Fountain, Global Business, Big Challenge, Wall Street Journal, Supply Chain, Loyalty, Leadership

Revamp: Coca-Cola Seeking to Turn Things Around

It's hard to believe. Coca-Cola Seeking to Turn Things Around. But, in the COVID-19 era, things are evolving for the firm.

Apple iPhone 12 Pricing and the State of 5G

The Latest on Apple Pricing and the State of 5G -- Infographics

Yesterday, we discussed the introduction of the new Apple 12 iPhones. Now, we dig deeper into Apple iPhone 12 pricing and the state of 5G.

Handling Supply Chain Disruptions Meet Market, Economic Efficiency, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Priorities List, Global Business, Normal Life, Supply Chain, Marketing Plan, Thought Provoking

Handling Supply Chain Disruptions in a Post-COVID World

In planning for the future, better handling supply chain disruptions is a must. There were too many problems during COVD-19.

The Prevalence of Fake News Controversial Topics, Life Affirming, Federal Agencies, News Around The World, Facebook Profile, Global Business, World Of Sports, Ups And Downs, Supply Chain

A Topical Look at the Prevalence of Fake News -- Around the World

Today, we address a highly controversial topic. The prevalence of fake news. We recognize that "fake news" may be in the eyes or ears of the beholder.