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Dump A Day Do It Yourself Craft Ideas - 75 Pics

Do It Yourself Craft Ideas - 75 Pics

Sources – Osztod – BuzzFeed – UsefulDIY – DumpaDay

A fantastic tutorial in making a papier mache doll, shows where you´ve ususally got problem , arm and feet. Love it Clase magistral paper clay doll

JuNa Art - Куклы и Мишки Юлии Назаренко

Kindergarten self portraits on tissue paper backgrounds ... Cute #art

Hudsonville Art Program

Art. It's what we do.

20 colorful activities that combine art and science for kids

Combining Art and Science

Activities for Kids that Combine Art and Science My boys love art, and we typically do some sort of art project every single day. Som...

'Modern Art Easter Rabbit' - explore colour and shape with this Easter free download activity from The ImaginationBox

The ImaginationBox Blog, creative art projects and printables at your fingertips

Would you like to be more creative with your kids? This lively blog is packed full of classroom and family-friendly art & craft projects for children of all ages.

"Whose Smile?" Class Photo Book idea

Whose Smile? Homemade Preschool Photo Book

Whose Smile? Homemade Preschool Photo Book. Create a smile photo book and children can guess which of their friends is in each photo.

Mondrian Art Lesson ~ Highlights shapes and colors as well as a great master! Great to do during a 2D Geometry unit

Art Smart: A lesson in Shape, Mondrian & Oil Pastels

Last week's second grade art lesson was all about shape. Facts about shapes: they are flat, they are made from "closed" lines, some have names (triangle,

Tutorial on making a canvas out of a soap box- this is cool- can use for lots of art projects! -RRM

how to make a soap box canvas

Happy Earth Day. Recycling is a big part of what this day is all about...educating and inspiring everyone to be more mindful of the state of the Earth and the many things,.....big and small, that we can do to help. Here is a recycling project that I hope you enjoy. For this project, use empty soap boxes or any other kind of box you can recycle. Adhere masking tape along the opening and around the box. This will make the piece a bit stronger. To strengthen and to achieve a some-what neutral…

Super Fun Watercolor Kids Craft Project That you HAVE to try today! Your Kids will have so much fun doing this!

Remember a few days ago when I showed you how to turn a photo into a coloring book page? {If you missed it you can find it HERE!} Well, here is

superbe et très simple... carton et peinture noire ensuite couleurs

Artwork published by Jacob17661

Check out Jacob17661's artwork on Artsonia, the largest student art museum on the web. Don't forget to join the fan club and leave a comment on the website.

Montessori Art Activities for 2 Years

Art Activities to Rotate (at Two Years)

Sometime I lack ideas of what to rotate on Otis's art shelves - so I decided to make a list. I find there are lots of advantages of rotating art activities like this. We usually only have three trays out at a time. Although there are often pencils or crayons available in the study. Having all the items that Otis needs within the tray makes it easier for him to use and pack up. With the exception of water for washing his paint brush (which he needs to ask me for) and his smock and place-mat…

collage bandes de papier journal

A must read for any teacher-A Surprising, In-Depth Look at the Reggio Approach

A Surprising, In-Depth Look at the Reggio Approach - The Art of Education University

Picture this: 8 art students walk into an art room filled to the brim with beautiful art supplies. They all choose seats at the designated table and happily help each other put on art smocks. They do not touch anything. One student notices a mirror set up and says, “Oh, are we doing a self-portrait […]

Still Life Art inspiration : blue plate, clear vase, whole lemons and leaves inside it, half and slices of lemons arranged around leaves on the outside. Paper matted on blue paper, colored pencils for each

For the Children

For the Children added 120 new photos to the album: Some of our preschool fun!!

Piet Mondrian LEGO art

Introduce fine art to your kids in a fun way - with these inventive Piet Mondrian LEGO art printable cards. Teach through play - the best way to learn!