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"What CAN I do?" Caress

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You've had the fight, and for a moment you forgot you were allies and thought you were adversaries!
Now post-argument, there's a disconnect or even resentment between you. What I call Rift Residue.
Then you've gotten through it in the moment, but now how do you come back together?
❤️ How can you heal the hurts, bridge the disconnect and move forward creatively TOGETHER?
❤️ How can you honor each other’s needs and experiences even in conflict?
❤️ How can you show each other how much you care and how committed you are to a playful, peaceful and passionate relationship?
Learn how to not just move on but MOVE FORWARD from an argument. Learn how to re-engage after the rumble is over in just a few minutes.
Check out this marvelous maneuver for moving you and your beloved past the hurt and into the hug.
Test out this magic move with just 4 little words that can melt most any heart and bridge the divide after a breakdown.
Read the blog to learn more: http://forbetter.love/caress-pin
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