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How Running Hot and Cold Kills Commitment

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Most couples drift along day by day until conflict bites them in the butt. THEN they've got conflict to "deal with".
Why not invest a little intention, attention and action BEFORE a fight starts so that in the future, any conflicts are easy to spot PLUS you have the habits and skills to head fights off at the pass. You might even learn to be able to translate any conflict into creativity and connection.
This week we lean into Loving Better BEFORE the conflict even starts. We call it... How to Keep the Fights Clean BEFORE.
Invest in intimacy BEFORE any argument emerges, we invite you to lean into Loving Better by looking at how hot and cold you are in your responses to your beloved. Where might you be more RESPONSIVE? How might you decrease some of the extremes and increase some of the CONSISTENCY?
When you or your beloved run hot and responsive one day then cold or disappears the next, that erodes trust and confidence. Then anxiety and unhealthy attachment mounts. You never know what to expect so a level of unrest sits under the surface, making it difficult to build bonds that last.
For more tips on how to have a more consistent response in your relationship, read our featured blog this week:
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