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I've been seriously laughing for two minutes straight. Omg

I hear chickens are Bach in style...

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Lies.....I don't remember a single time when "one more time" didn't mean "we'll do it one more time for now....and then one more time after that time"

Choir Kiwi - "Ok one more time" LIES

"Ok one more time" LIES - Choir Kiwi

"Everything in the world has a spirit released by its sound.” —John Cage to Oskar Fischinger, 1984

John Cage's Rules For Students

John Cage's Rules for Students and Teachers * Find a place you trust and then try trusting it for a while. * General duties o...

Organ Improvisations at weddings

Organists confess to tune-smuggling

THE secret, says Jeffrey Makinson, sub-organist of Manchester Cathedral, is to clothe the theme i...

baby grand name cartoon - Google Search

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beef rachmaninoff - Google Search

O. K. - So We'll Call It Beef Rachmaninoff by Tom Cheney

Publication: New YorkerImage Type: CartoonDate: January 16th, 2006Caption: O. K. - so we'll call it beef Rachmaninoff.Description: