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Food Fantasy

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Century Egg

His former master was a reincarnation of Xuan Wu, one of the four gods of the Light Kingdom and the first person to bring the kingdom under a single rule. Xuan Wu was a fierce and ambitious person whose sole confidant was Century Egg, and upon Xuan Wu’s death, without Century Egg’s consent, Xuan Wu ordered that Century Egg be walled up in the tomb with him, so that Century Egg would always be by his side. Because Food Souls are immortal, Century Egg was trapped in this darkness for hundreds…

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Frequently found wearing beautiful clothing, this young man is very kind. However, be careful of his sweet-talking mouth and flattery. He's known to be a bit of a womanizer. Sukiyaki is fantastic dish eaten during a cold winters night. It's warm broth base is perfect to warm up anyone's cold heart. Summoning Shard Fusion Token Shop (Random SR Shard I) Food Soul's Wish Cherry Soiree Grand Dress-Up blue = lvl 1 red = max lvl Food Soul's Wish event, Cherry Soiree event, Grand Dress-Up event…

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A gentle lady who likes listening to others talk. She's sensitive to others' feelings, hardworking, and thrifty. She enjoys studying the Five Elements and is always peppering her speech with imaginative turns of phrase Bibimbap ingredients include many different vegetables, and it's compatible with meats and seafood. It's not only delicious, but also wonderfully colorful. It is like a master class on the Theory of the Five Elements in food form. Summoning Shard Fusion Flavor Frenzy Golden…

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Blue Cheese

First violinist of the travelling Fantasy Opera Troupe. A master of melody who loves all things natural and considers children to be the purest blessings from the gods. He's an admirer of his fellow troupe member Opera Cake and Opera Cake's gifted singing, but his favorite person is still the troupe's leader. He follows his heart, and if there's something he likes, he'll put in the time and come up with a way to turn it into an object he can collect-- for instance, writing down his favorite…

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Caviar (food Fantasy) Image #2449451 - Zerochan Anime Image Board

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A robot-like and coldly-calculating archangel. It seems the only thing left in his life is the Holy See. He works to the utmost to preserve the light in this world, but all anyone can see is the reserved and refined side of him. he believes strongly in the goodness of the world and grieves for his former comrades that have fallen into darkness. Even so, Croissant still punishes his enemies with cold ruthlessness. Croissant doesn't care if he's misunderstood by others, and his methods may be…

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An earnest and stern youngster. His goal in life is to become a qualified butler. In fact, some people think of him as being far too reserved. Brownies are one of the most common desserts. It's delicious coco flavor and dense texture creates an amazing pallet experience. Kids love it and so do adults! But don't eat too much as it contains a lot of sugar. Summoning Token Shop Shard Fusion Daily Sign In (Sep. 2018) Daily Sign In 15 Days Sign In Food Soul's Wish Grand Dress-Up blue = lvl 1 red…

Margarita | Food Fantasy Wiki | Fandom 2d Character, Female Character Design, Character Drawing, Fantasy Characters, Female Characters, Anime Wizard, Pink Sand Beach, Food Fantasy, Dance With You


A lively and charming young woman with a strong curiosity for the unknown and an unusual obsession with her personal "god"-- absolutely not allowing any person to infringe upon or defile him. To matters of the outside world, she's fairly clueless and has a habit of attaching herself to the first person she sees, like a baby duckling imprinting on its mama. If it's a person she trusts, she'll believe anything they say. The margarita, known as the "Queen of Cocktails", is rich in texture and…

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Tortoise Jelly

A hard-nosed teacher who prefers not to help others but can't resist himself. He'll often find himself in situations that could have been avoided had he just walked away. Tortoise Jelly is a type of delicacy in China. Although it is considered a dessert, it has medicinal properties and can help lower body heat. Team Up (Tsuchigumo Hard) Events Spring Time Gate of Trials (Tortoise Jelly) blue = lvl 1 red = max lvl Cherry Soiree event. TBA Magic Strength Magic Support Strength Magic Support…