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Use speech bubbles on famous paintings to get kiddos thinking/writing!

Tip of the Week – Thought Bubbles on Photos

Several of us were talking a few days ago about different ways to design hook activities that would engage kids while also encourage writing skills. My favorite is to use thought bubbles on paintin…

I love this website....great prompts for journals...I just add the image to my blog and students write each morning. There is a new prompt each day (some for older students). Very interesting topics  --Sure this can be adapted for visual journals or an art-based self-portrait

18 writing prompts about reading

What lives have you lived as a reader? Analyze a story using Dan Harmon's story circles Make a wanted poster for a fictional character Graph the story Make a clichéd book review Make maps, charts,...

Wish I would've had this list when I was taking art history! A lot of good ideas to talk about

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Art Room 104: Creative Juices are Flowing...

Creative Juices are Flowing...

This week they are finally stripping and waxing the floors in my high school art room so I've spent a lot of time at home working on school stuff. I started making my to-do list for the room and the first thing I'm checking off my list has to do with critiques. A while back on Pinterest, I found this link for ping pong ball critiques and I LOVE the idea! My husband bought me a box of 36 ping pong balls and I spent the night writing critique prompts on each ball! Some of the questions came…

Blooms Taxonomy for Reading Art (Made by Miss Allem)

Blooms Taxonomy for Reading Art (Made by Miss Allem)

Art Discussion Cards for Class Critiques or Art History Lessons

Art Discussion Cards for Class Critiques or Art History Lessons

Hi there! I have a set of Art Discussion Cards that might be useful to you! These questions are great to use in small group discussions, individual writing responses and as a whole class critique.…

Artist Study, picture talk

Artist Study -- Charlotte Mason Style

Artist Study, picture talk

52 prompts for inspiring artistic creativity!! Come on . . . go for it!

Belinda Spiwak's art prompts - Cloth Paper Scissors

Download and print this pdf for art inspiration all year long! ***The free download link is below for logged-in users. To access Cloth Paper Scissors web extras, bonus patterns, tips, techniques, and more—all absolutely FREE—please register or sign in. Username: Password: Remember me Register Lost your password?

Great Art Writing/Discussion Prompts

Fapping Anime

by lelolegendz

Art History & Art Criticism

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Art Questions

Art Discussion Signs for Bulletin Boards

I have been dreaming about how I will be setting up my art room next year, as we will be having two art rooms and I will have a lot more space! The art discussion cards that I created have been po…

Project M.A.R.V. | Missing Artist Russell Vapors | Episode 1 | Online Interactive Mystery Game

An introduction to the Project M.A.R.V. Interactive Mystery, help us find Missing Artist Russell Vapors