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5 Postnatal, Diastasis and Pelvic floor Exercises
5 #Postnatal exercises that you can do early #postpartum when playing with baby on the floor. The exercises will help to improve core function and strength, #Diastasis and #Pelvicfloor. Be mindful of technique and one round is fine 💪 Join our online Postnatal program Birth2FitMum on our website
Incorporate these foods into your diet to help you stay healthy and help with baby's development! Pregnancy Health, Fertility Diet, Fertility Health, Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Pregnancy Food, Healthy Pregnancy Tips, Pregnancy Eating, Pregnancy Food, Pregnant Diet
Eat these pregnancy superfoods!
Incorporate these foods into your diet to help you stay healthy and help with baby's development!
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Movement for Week 2 Postpartum | Not everyone’s postpartum journey looks the same 🖤
Please note these are meant to serve as guidelines as you may not be full ready for these or maybe you are capable of more! All of these movements and more can be found in my Movement Through Early Postpartum 12 level rehab program ✨
Labor Prep Stretches | 3rd Trimester
My focus up until now has been total body training and Pelvic floor strength, and now that I’m in my 3rd trimester I am incorporating these daily stretches to make sure my hips and pelvic floor are open and ready for labor. They feel so good, and they’ve been helping with my low back pain.
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Top 4 Postpartum Core Exercises for Pregnancy Recovery
Looking to strengthen your core after pregnancy? Check out these top 4 postpartum core exercises to help you regain strength and stability. This postpartum workout routine focuses on abdominal strengthening, pelvic floor exercises, and diastasis recti exercises to support your postpartum fitness journey. Say hello to a stronger core and improved overall core strength! Click the link for more workouts. Credit: tiktok@nikizoub