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jars filled with jalapeno pepper jelly on a white counter top and the words jalapeno pepper jelly above them
Jalapeno Jelly with cream cheese and crackers.
homemade blackberry jam in a jar with spoon
Blackberry Jam Recipe Without Pectin
two jars filled with pickles and the words granny's old fashioned bread and butter pickles
Old fashioned bread and butter pickles - just like grandma used to make
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three jars filled with jelly sitting on top of a wooden table
Striped Jelly - Makes a One of a Kind Homemade Gift
a hand holding a pink glass jar with the name sangria jelly written on it
43 Delicious Jelly and Jam Recipes for Tasty Treats All Year Long
a glass jar filled with orange colored liquid
Living the Good Life { Grandma Mary's Jezebel Sauce}
the cover of easy rhubarb jelly with vanilla bean, by author and cook
Rhubarb Jelly • Easy Canning Recipe
two jars filled with food sitting on top of a table
Pecan Pie Filling {Canning Recipe}
some jars with food in them and the words 21 foods you can eat with a water bath
21 Foods You Can Preserve in a Water Bath Canner (So Easy!)
two jars filled with pumpkin butter sitting on top of a table
Amish Pumpkin Butter Recipe | The Frugal Farm Wife
this recipe for Amish pumpkin butter will light up your taste buds with perfectly balanced fall flavor you will love!
old fashioned dill beans in jars with text overlay
Dilly Beans (Dill Pickled Green Beans)
Pickled Dilly Beans (Dill Pickled Green Beans) — Practical Self Reliance
the best ever watermelon jam recipe
Watermelon Jam Recipe That Always Works
This watermelon jam recipe is amazing! Perfectly set jam that tastes like extremely concentrated watermelon - mmmmm! Super easy to make, perfect for beginners! This is the only watermelon jam recipe you'll ever need!