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AL EP 56: Morgan Gist MacDonald - The Ins & Outs of Running a 7-Figure Book Agency
Get paid for your proposals. Your time and your work are valuable. Check out Morgan Gist MacDonald's episode on the Leverage for Growth Podcast: #agency #advice
Ashley Busbee - When to Say "No" To a Client
Check out the full episode here: In this episode, Ashley emphasizes the importance of high moral standards in the industry. So, for any aspiring agency professionals, Ashley's advice is clear: uphold high moral standards at all times, and you'll achieve success in this industry. Remember that taking someone's money and spending it is a big responsibility, and ethical conduct should always be a top priority.
Barrett Bogue - Giving Yourself Permission to Fail as an Entrepreneur
Check out the full episode here: Fear of failure can cripple an entrepreneur, keeping them in analysis paralysis. Barrett emphasizes the need for entrepreneurs to give themselves permission to fail, especially when they are starting out.
Narcis Nedelcu - Organic traffic vs Paid
To see the full episode, check this out: In this episode, we're joined by Narcis Nedelcu, the Founder and CEO of Viral Media SEO, a leading digital marketing agency with over 500 managed YouTube channels. Narcis will be sharing his expert insights on how marketing agency owners can optimize their social media strategy to drive organic growth and enhance the effectiveness of their paid campaigns.
Andrew Watson & Zach Sean - Focus on Client Relationships
See the full episode here: #howto #business #agency #management #advice #marketing
Michael P Upshaw Sr. - Find a Mentor
See the full episode here: Whether you're a seasoned agency owner or just starting, this podcast episode will give you valuable tips on how to set expectations with your clients and ultimately grow your agency. Tune in now to gain insight from Michael Upshaw Sr. and leverage your agency's growth!
Corey Quinn - Don't Fire Your Non-Vertical Customers
To see the whole interview click here: #howto #advice #management #success #agency #vertical #business #shorts
Brian Welch - To get there faster, slow down
You will get to where you want to go faster, if you slow down and do some pre-planning first. Need help? Let's chat: See the full episode of this podcast with Brian Welch here:
Christopher Windisch - Why you need to catch whales
Check out the full video here: #howto #shorts #catchmoby #sales #agency #agencyowner #targeting #marketing #business #advice
How do you keep consistency when other people are doing the work?
Leverage for Growth Podcast with John Hessler & Jesse P. Gilmore. Click for the full episode.
Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind
Unlock the #power of #affirmations to #reprogram your #subconscious #mind for #success. Understand that affirmations go beyond #positive thinking and involve embracing a better version of yourself. Learn how to let go of #limiting #beliefs and adopt a #mindset that supports your #goals. Reprogram your thinking for greater #achievements .
The Problem With Boredom in Business
Discover the #power of sticking to the basics and avoiding #complexity in life and #business. Find out how deviating from #routines and getting #bored can hinder #results. Evaluate if you've strayed from the basics and identify ways to simplify and refocus for better #outcomes . #Optimize your #success by embracing #foundational #principles .
How to Deal With Rejection In Business
Here is a trick I learned about dealing with rejection in business.
Are You an Entrepreneur or an Intrapreneur?
The fact of the matter is entrepreneurship isn't something everyone should chase after. Some people are more cut out to be an intrapreneur, and that is great! Are you meant to be an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur?
Using a Business to Create a Movement Rather Than Just Transactions
Does your company stand for more than just the products it sells? Do your customers know what your company stands for? Can you inspire your customers through your company's mission? Connecting with your customers and prospective clients in this way not only produces a special bond that transcends business, it also makes the work you do each day that much more fulfilling. #howto #shorts #advice #management #success #motivation