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Labra (ラブラ) is the Jewelpet partner of Akari in Jewelpet Tinkle. Labra is a super cute polar bear in pink and white colour. At first she cant use magic, but when she cries, things get destroyed. Her name is based on its jewel Labradorite. She wears a necklace shaped like a multi-colored ringed...

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Ruby (ルビー; Rubī) is the Jewelpet of Akari in Jewelpet Tinkle. She is the most popular Jewelpet in the franchise. Her quote on using Jewel Flash is "Shining Courage is the Symbol of Ruby". Ruby is a Female Japanese Hare who is entirely white in color with a bit of pink details. Her Jewel Eye is a...

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Jewelpet Twinkle Test

Quiz Jewelpet Twinkle Test : Thank you for choosing to take this test! This is a personality test dedicated to the fans of the anime 'Jewelpet Twinkle' and it will help you to find out which girl is more similar to you and who might be the Jewelpet more in tune with your heart. Each Jewelpet has his eyes made with a different gemstone that has a special magical power. What would be the one that best suits you? It's time to find out! - Q1: What precious stone do you prefer? Ruby, Garnet…

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La serie raccona le avventure di Minami, Rinko, Aoi e dei loro rispettivi "Animali gioielli", trentatré piccoli e teneri cuccioli dai poteri speciali abbinati alla...