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Harujion Design: Tutorial sashiko stitch

Harujion Design

I have been asked many times about this when I teach sewing and embroidering. "How can you make a knot so quick? It looks like a magic!" I was asked the same question at the last workshop I had in July and I answered. So I think I am going to tell my secret to make a knot on the end of the thread with a VIDEO!! This is my very first time to post a sort of tutorial video. Yei! It doesn't seem so quick? OK, I am doing it very slowly here in the video for you to see well! It really save time…

A flock of anna

sea and sky

i omitted some of the gorgeous bits from the last post, you can't have it all at once! jan has worked these sea horses and they will be made up into a bag. and anna has stitched these birds, showing...

Shukugawa Sakura Sagyosyo | Cari Mateo

Shukugawa Sakura Sagyosyo

Found these great linen bags with embroidery on both sides in the Japanese handmade market site, Creema. These are sold under the brand name, Shukugawa Sakura Sagyosyo. The Japanese embroidery met…

Needlepoint Patterns - Experimental Stitching

Experimenting with Needlepoint Patterns - NeedleKnowledge

If you’ve been looking for a small project that you can tuck in your handbag to bring along on trips or errands, these little needlepoint doodles are perfect. They’re small, easy to tote with you and fun to stitch. I made 3 of the 4 different designs while on two 5-hour flights, with my supplies …

.Sashiko bag

La section Sashiko - chez maria O

vous connaissez le sashiko? c'est une broderie typiquement japonaise, un point mesure à peut pres la longueur d'un grain de riz. Dans...

Sashiko Stitching - Right & Wrong Perpendicular

Correct Sashiko Stitching & Common Errors | Sashiko: Traditional Japanese Sashiko Design & Instruction

There are common rules of sashiko stitching to achieve clean & elegant results. Here are six rules to help ensure your projects come out the best they can.

A Threaded Needle Pre-sewn pouch with pre-printed sashiko design, all you do is sashiko stitch over the dashed lines! easy peasy beautiful!

A Threaded Needle

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Advanced Embroidery Designs. Quilted table runner with Sashiko embroidery.

Sashiko Table Runner

Online center for machine embroidery designs. On this site you can find machine embroidery designs in the most popular formats, with a new free machine embroidery design each month. Free embroidery projects, tips and tutorials are also available.

hand quilting patterns | Sashiko Patterns - Learn About Sashiko Embroidery

Get Patterns and Resources to Create Sashiko Japanese Embroidery

Find free sashiko patterns, projects, and resources as you learn more about this elegant form of Japanese folk embroidery.