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What is Punctuation? Useful Punctuation Rules & Punctuation Marks in English • 7ESL

A complete guide on punctuation rules and punctuation marks in the English language. Here you will find how an

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Types of Chairs: 25 Different Chair Styles with ESL Pictures - ESL Forums

Types of chairs! Following is a list of 25 popular chair types in English with their definitions and pictures to help you easily identify all of them.

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Useful Collective Nouns For Food and Drinks

Collective Nouns For Food! Learn useful Collective Nouns For Food, Partitive Nouns for Food and Drinks with examples and ESL printable worksheets. ...

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Types of Shoes: Learn Different Shoe Styles with Pictures - ESL Forums

Types of Shoes! In this lesson, you will learn different shoes types in English with ESL pictures to help you better your vocabulary.

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Learning Letter Sounds with Letter Drill Cards by Hungry Paper | Teachers Pay Teachers

**CLICK ON THE GREEN PREVIEW BUTTON TO GET A BETTER IDEA OF WHAT'S INCLUDED AND TO SEE WHAT'S BEEN ADDED!**With these printable Letter Drill Cards, new readers will be able to practice their letter sounds and actually learn them, rather than memorize them. This will help ensure that the new reader w...

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Makeup and Cosmetics Vocabulary in English with Picture • 7ESL

Learn makeup and cosmetics vocabulary words with pictures and examples in English to enhance your vocabulary.

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Speaking Tips C1-C2 Levels

Speaking Tips C1-C2 LevelsUseful expressions for speaking practice (expressing your opinion / agreeing / disagreeing / when you don't understand the question etc.) - ESL worksheets

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Printable Parts of the House Flash Cards

Free printable Parts of the House flash cards. Download our free PDF and make your own flash card set.

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American and British English: What Are The Important Differences? - ESLBuzz Learning English

American and British English! English learners are often confused about the difference between British and American English. This lesson will provide a useful list of these differences with ESL images.


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US Presidents! Learn the list of US Presidents in order with ESL picture and table. US Presidents Since the office was established in 1789, 44 men have ser

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Learn English Grammar with Pictures: 15+ Grammar Topics - ESLBuzz Learning English

English grammar is the body of rules that describe the structure of expressions in the English language.

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Commonly used abbreviations

Can check your spelling, grammar check, paraphrase, rewrite in simple English and do summaries!

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Easy Ways to Improve and Expand Your English Vocabulary: 20+ Vocabulary Topics - ESLBuzz Learning English

Easy Ways to Improve and Expand Your English Vocabulary.