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Pick up the worms(pipe cleaners) with the bird beaks (clothes pins)  Great fine motor practice!

Fine Motor Skills Activities - PreKinders

These Fine Motor Skills activities will help develop your child's pencil grip and handwriting skills. These activities build the small muscles in the hands.

1 year old busy bag activities - FINALLY one for YOUNG toddlers!

Busy Box – Fun & Engaging Activities for Toddlers

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Use a pencil case to store sand and an unsharpened pencil to practice writing letters, names, and words. You could use the same setup for writing in the sand with your finger.

Word Work Center etc. - One Extra Degree

What if we could make kids fall in love with spelling instruction? What if you could harness novelty to engage your students, stimulate their brilliant brains, and improve word retention as a result? It’s possible, and once you launch this approach in your classroom, your spelling instruction will never be the same. There’s no turning …

Open and close for fine motor using locks and keys ... For young ones, use one key and one lock.

Montessori Practical Life Archives ~ United Montessori Association

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Baby Motor Skills

Baby: Motor Skills

Baby motor skills milestones (gross and fine motor skills). Understand and support your baby as they practise and refine their motor skills.

Here is a fun activity that will build your children’s knowledge about size. When you add tongs or tweezers to the activity children will be building on their fine motor skills---- You can really do therapy anywhere with anything!!

Sorting Snowballs

Here is a fun activity that will build your children’s knowledge about size. When you add tongs or tweezers to the activity children will be building on their fine motor skills. I am always finding ways and activities that will build on these fine motor skills so that children’s fine motor skills will be well developed as they learn to write.

Small individual ribbon pull containers for developing pincer grasp.

Flannel Friday: 3 Mice Tails

It has been three long months since I have been able to pull together a Flannel Friday post. It feels so nice to be back! Today I have something a little different and I can’t wait to see wha…

use vertical writing to build hand strength and fine motor skills

Vertical Writing – Building Fine Motor Skills

If you are like me, you have at least a handful of students still struggling with fine motor skills. There are so many muscles in the hands that contribute to pencil grip and handwriting! This post is just a quick tip for one more way to build that hand strength to help young writers.

What OTs look for in handwriting samples

What do Occupational Therapists Look for During your Child’s Handwriting Sample? - North Shore Pediatric Therapy

Handwriting is a lifelong skill. It begins as young as 3 years of age, when children start identifying shapes, letters, and numbers. Handwriting and letter recognition are important for communicating (e.g. sending cards and emails) and for completing age-appropriate tasks (e.g. homework assignments; writing grocery lists). Below are many of the components your child’s occupational […]

Create a Lacing Card from a take-out container...lacing cards build fine motor skills, visual perceptual skills, bilateral coordination, motor planning...

DIY Lacing Cards (from a carry out container!!) - The OT Toolbox

We had a clean take out container that was just asking to be made into something 🙂 Lacing Cards, of course! Lacing cards are so important for pre-schoolers and kids of all ages to use in development of so many skills: Fine Motor Skills (tripod grasp), Motor Planning (figuring out how to pull the string allll the ... Read more