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OCD is different for every person who struggles with it. Because of that, it can be harder to spot. However, by identifying our thinking errors, recognizing obsessions & compulsions, and learning how to get out of the OCD cycle - things CAN get better!


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When it comes to regulating the function of the nervous system, understanding the concepts of up-regulation and down-regulation is essential. This refers to nervous system state-shifting. When we are sympathetic dominant, we benefit from down-regulation strategies, and when we trend toward parasympathetic dominance, we can benefit from upregulating practices.


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Subjective Units of Distress (SUDs) thermometer and the distress tolerance skills that you can use.  Handouts/worksheets on each of the skills is coming! I am a new shop so please message me with any questions or suggestions, thank you!
School Counseling Handout - Dialectical Behavior Therapy Coping Statements Printable Handout/Poster - Emotion Regulation - Distress Tolerance - Mindfulness Skills - Interpersonal  Effectiveness - Anxiety -  Anger - Bipolar Disorder - Middle School, High School, Upper Elementary School - Self Help - Self Care - Anxiety - Bipolar - Kids Teens Adults.Digital download of this DBT Coping Statements Handout/Poster. Item is a PDF file, 8.5"x11" paper size - 1 Page.If you like this resource, you may als
This worksheet helps with facilitating the process of radical acceptance, a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) tool used to work toward accepting the reality of a challenging circumstance or situation.


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ACT Values Based Journal Prompts: help clarify values, and align values with actions and decisions in  pursuit of whole-hearted living in 2024, and beyond!
Downloadable ACT Worksheets — ACT Naturally


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One way I use my bujo for therapy : bulletjournal

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Eating disorders are bullies. They give you a toxic negative voice in your head that is always putting you down.  How can you heal from your eating disorder and shut up the ed voice? Check out the blog!

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Free Grief Worksheets for Adults


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Case Study: Using Art Therapy for a Client with Chronic Illness
Did you know that Renoir suffered from rheumatoid arthritis? Or that Frida Kahlo lived with chronic pain? For these artists, painting and illness go hand in hand.  #rheumatoidarthritis #arthritis #chronicpain #crps #rps #arttherapy #art #healthart


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"Urge surfing" in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) can help kids and teens manage their impulses without acting on them. As the term implies, urge surfing involves observing the sensations of their urge, acknowledging them, and embracing the fact that this urge will eventually pass. Download these Urge Surfing DBT worksheets for therapy clients or a child you're supporting to reflect on this skill! #DBTSkills #UrgeSurfing #MindfulnessTechniques #HealthyCoping
💬💛 Remember, emotions are like waves; they come and go. Embrace these scientifically proven strategies to navigate those peak moments, ride out the storm, and emerge stronger and more resilient! 🌊🚀 You've got this! #EmotionalResilience #ScientificStrategies #RidingEmotionalWaves #MindfulnessMatters #EmbraceTheJourney #SupportAndEmpowerment

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Unique Hand-Painted Rock: Spreading Joy, One Stone at a Time 🎨 Discover positivity and inspiration with my hand-painted rock. Starting as a natural river or ocean stone, or even a Santorini rock, this piece is transformed into a work of art. I use high-quality acrylic paint markers, gouache paints, and various art supplies to meticulously detail it. Why Choose My Painted Stone? UV-Resistant Finish: This rock is protected with multiple coats of clear, UV-resistant enamel gloss for enduring beauty. Variety of Sizes and Shapes: Each stone is unique, ranging from 1.5 to 5.5 inches, ensuring you find the perfect piece. Made with Love: From design to shipping, I, Holly Bowers, handle every step of the process from my studio in Round Hill, Virginia. As an artist, I pour my passion into each crea


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If someone you know is experiencing symptoms of both ADHD and OCD, it is important to validate their concerns and encourage treatment. Living a healthy life is possiblen#pgclinical #ADHD #OCD


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Grounding Techniques Handouts by Closet Counselor | TPT

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"This Effective Communication Script can be used to learn and practice engaging in effective communication that focuses on \"I statements\". This allows intimidating conversations to be approached in a way that is less likely to bring about defensive feelings in the person receiving the message. This script is also helpful in family and couples counseling sessions, and can be a good tool for role-playing in different therapeutic and/or skill-building settings. This script is commonly used (I am

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