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a red front door with two planters on either side
London Door Company | The Exceptional First Impression
Mahogany as a shade of red still gives a classic and subtler appearance to this door.
a potted plant sitting on top of a stone walkway next to a building with a white door
840 Melrose Hill
simple patio | jenna cooper
a white house with an awning over it's balcony
a store front with blue awnings and plants in large planters on the sidewalk
Ralph Lauren Store in Malibu
an open door leading into a room with a white awning on the side of it
Make Your Doors Look Expensive on Budget
patio door makeover high end affordable, diy, doors, outdoor living, painting, patio, windows
the front door of a white brick house with a black metal awning over it
Interior Design Ideas
Interior Design Ideas - Home Bunch Interior Design Ideas
the front entrance to a house with black doors and windows on both sides, surrounded by greenery
36 Clever DIY Front Door Lighting Projects Using Salvaged Upcycled Materials
Save money by crafting crafty statement making lamps from discarded goods like old crates, cages, junk drawers, freight pallets and license plates!
a blue front door with two lights on it and a potted plant in the foreground
36 Rustic Front Door Lighting Ideas Blending Modern Farmhouse Style
Welcome guests with reclaimed wood lanterns, galvanized carriage spotlights and mason jar solar guides along rusticated walkways leading home.