Replace your Asphalt Roof

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there is a small building with a metal roof on the side of it and trees in the background
Garage with standing seam to match the house.
Aluminum metal roofing is a great option for long term roofing. Standing seam is the architects choice. This one is done in charcoal gray to match the house. Learn more about why this is the right option for your project. Click on the link.
two men are working on the roof of a small house with wood shinnings
Installing a metal roof is not as easy as it looks.
Anyone can install a metal roof, but not everyone will install it correctly. We have been installing metal roofing for 20 years. Be sure to hire a contractor with the right experiance.
a car is parked in front of a house with trees and grass on the lawn
If it's not aluminum, it's not a residential metal roof!
Aluminum roofing is the premium metal roofing for homes. Lean why at the link. get our free ultimate guide to residential metal roofing now!
two men working on the roof of a house
Metal Roof Underlayments are Important!
The quality and type of underlayments that are used with metal roofing is very specific. Don't think that regular asphalt roofing underlayments are good enough. Click on the link to get a full understanding of the importance of this step.
a house in the woods with a metal roof and windows on it's side
Metal roof colors and installations.
There are over 30 color options with our metal roofing systems. The installation of your roof needs to be done by a company that installs ONLY metal roofing . For the best installation call us today. Metal shingle or standing seam we do only metal roofs.
a small house next to a body of water with an american flag in the background
Metal Shingle roofing is great on water front property.
Our roof installation can handle hurricain force winds and just about anything "mother nature" can throw at it. Wind, rain, snow, ice and sun, it's the best installation available today.
Metal roofing offers some of the best long term , environmentally friendly, cost effective solutions for any homeowner looking to replace an asphalt roof. Cedar
From cedar to aluminum shingle...great choice!
a house with a roof that has been gutted and is being repaired by a worker
This metal roof is almost completed. The Oxford slate in forest green.
The porch roof will be done in a matching color in standing seam. It's a great look.
an aerial view of a house with two dormers and trees in the foreground
Metal Shingle Roofing
The Oxford premium aluminum metal shingle roof in the color "slate rock green". The 2 low slope roof are PVC membrane roofs warrantied for life! Learn more by clicking on the link.
a metal roof that has been cleaned and is being used as a weather guard for the homeowners
The Oxford aluminum metal shingle roof.
This metal roof is the top of the line for any residential project. The traditional look of slate or architectural shingles this the perfect roof. Made for recycled beverage cans, energy star rated, and sustainable.
a house with a tree in front of it
Ranch style home with Oxford "slate" metal shingle roof.
Aluminum shingle roofing is the best choice for roof replacement. Learn more by clicking on the link.
an aerial view of a house with a car parked in the driveway and pool area
This roof won a National award. It's the beautiful Oxford aluminum slate shingle.
Red metal roofing in aluminum, beautiful and sustainable. It works on just about any style house.
a blue house sitting on top of a lush green hillside next to trees and bushes
Metal vs Asphalt
Why did these homeowners make the switch to a lifetime metal roof? What did they know that you don't. Click on the link to see if a metal roof is the right roof for your home.
someone is standing in front of the door
FAQs About Ridge Vents on Metal Roofs in MA
Ridge vents in metal roofing are important if you have a cold roof system. Learn about venting metal roofs here. Click on the link.
a car is parked in front of a house with blue sidings and white trim
The Ultimate Guide To Metal Roofing
When it's time for a new roof you may want to consider the aluminum metal roof option! Lear more by receiving a free copy of the "Ultimate Guide to Metal Roofing" free today!