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a house with a flag on top of it in the woods
The right roof every time. Aluminum metal roofing, The best roof under the sun!
The architect choice is standing seam aluminum metal roofing for project here in New England. Metal Roofs are sustainable, energy efficient, recyclable and long lasting. Consider one for your roofing project. No one ever said "my aluminum metal roof was a bad choice". However many have said... "I wish I had gone with an naluminum metal roof!"
a house being built on the side of a road in front of a blue sky
The correct underlayments for metal roofs are an important step.
When it comes to underlayments for metal roofing it's important to use only the best. Those that are made specifically for metal roofing. They need to be installed by a qualified metal roof mechanic.
a house being built on the side of a road in front of a blue sky
The correct underlayments for metal roofs are an important step.
When it comes to underlayments for metal roofing it's important to use only the best. Those that are made specifically for metal roofing. They need to be installed by a qualified metal roof mechanic.
a stone house with a metal roof surrounded by greenery
Standing seam aluminum metal roof in combination with stone siding.
Great colors and great installation of an aluminum metal roof and stone siding together. Learn why aluminum metal roofing is the best option for your home.
a brick building with a white door and windows
Did you know we can match the gutter color to the metal roof color?
We offer gutter installation to our roofing clients in 3 profiles. K-style, box and half round gytter systems in 5", 6" or 7" widths with round or square downspouts.
an old blue and white car sitting in tall grass next to a sign that says fox road
Don't drive on metal roofs. They are very slippery when wet!
Can one walk on a metal roof? We get that question every now and then.
a large white house being built in the country
New construction with 3 accent metal roofs in matte black.
Why not go 100% metal so you will NEVER have to re-roof again?
a house with stairs leading up to the front door and second story on a snowy hill
Skylights and metal roof installations.
Can skylights be added to a metal roof installation?.......Yes, no problem, we do it all the time.
a white house with a black roof and some flowers in front of the window sill
Standing seam metal roofing won't bend with the wind! Classic Metal Roofs LLC
This aluminum standing seam metal roof will stand up to the winds of New England much better than the weighted patio heaters! Classic Metal Roofs LLC
all about metal aloys in different colors
Roofing: All About Metal Alloys
Learn about base metals how they work for metal roofing types. You'll find the best solution for your home in this article.
an aerial view of a house with a green roof and two men working on it
Metal shingle aluminum roofing-The premium product!
The oxford shingle is the only architectural aluminum shingle in the market today, It's base metal alloy thickness and clip system installation process makes this product the best in class.
a house with a roof that has been gutted and is being repaired by a worker
This metal roof is almost completed. The Oxford slate in forest green.
The porch roof will be done in a matching color in standing seam. It's a great look.
a house that is in the middle of winter with snow on the ground and trees around it
Antique cape with oxford slate metal roof
This roof is being installed on a cape style home in MA. The color choice is forest green. The front porch will have standing seam in the same color.
two men are working on the roof of a house with metal shingles and trees in the background
Yes, this is a house!
Beautiful contemporary home by the Buzzards bay we installed. The color is dark bronze, the material is aluminum, standing seam.
the top of a roof with a metal pole sticking out of it's center
Metal shingle roofs are not all the same.
This pipe boot is a definite upgrade compared to the ones our competitors use. This one has a warranty for the life of the roof. If you are interested in "the best metal roof installation under the sun, rain wind and snow" visit our website and get a free estimate today. We cover most all of New England.
a gray house with black shutters on the front
Metal shingle roofs...the right choice for any home.
This roof is an aluminum Oxford "slate" shingle in the color deep charcoal. See why this roof is right for your home with our new video series. Click on the picture!
the best metal roof installation under the sun, rain, wind and snow average ratings
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a two story house with a brown garage door
Aluminum metal shingle roofing.
The Oxford slate aluminum metal shingle roof has the best warranty in the roofing industry. Learn why you would want this on your roof. Click on the link below or the picture.
the roof of a building with several metal vents on it's sides and windows
Snow retention, a must on metal roofs.
Be sure to ask about snow brakes and snow retention when considering a metal roof.
there is a tarp on top of the roof
Metal Roofs, the bullet proof solution for your home...anytime of year.
Installation can be done anytime , any season. These roofs can handle just about any weather it gets hit with and come out still looking band new!
the roof is covered with tarps and plastic
It's all about the underlayments with metal roof installation.
Proper installation and the right underlaymnents make all the difference with the outcome of a quality standing seam metal roof installation. Is metal right for your home? Learn more.
a man working on the roof of a house with a brick chimney and flashings
A metal roof shingle ridge vent is not the same as an asphalt ridge vent.
Learn why a ridge vent on a metal shingle roof needs to be done the right way. (Fabricated in metal) Not the same installation as an asphalt roof. (made of plastic)
a man standing on top of a metal roof next to a snow covered field and trees
Proper Metal Roof Installation, The Right Stuff
Low sloped roofs can have a standing seam metal roof if it's properly installed. This low slope standing seam is being double locked with a robot seamer.
the roof is covered with tarp to protect it from falling snow
Reducing Carbon Footprint: Why Metal Roofs Are Best in Class in RI
Did you know that an aluminum roof is "green" no matter what color you choose?
a house with snow on the ground in front of it
Why Metal Roofs Withstand High Winds Best
Do you live in a high wind area? Then a metal roof is the answer to your roof problems.
a house with snow on the ground and bushes in front of it that has been gutted
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Installing skylights with metal roofing is not a problem if you know how to do it. We install over 100 skylights every year that are integrated into our metal roofing systems.
a man in an orange jacket working on a machine
Proper Metal Roof Installation, The Right Stuff
Closing the open end of the panel is an important step in proper installation of a standing seam metal roof.
an aerial view of a small house in the middle of a grassy area with tables and chairs
You searched for why buy an aluminum roof - Classic Metal Roofs LLC
An aluminum metal roof will keep your home cooler in the summer. They will also eliminate problems due to ice damming in winter.
the inside of a metal structure that has been painted gray
Proper Metal Roof Installation, The Right Stuff
Metal roofs should have "open" valleys.Pictured is an example of a correct metal roof valley being installed.
a stone building with a brown shingled roof and trees in the backround
Not Your Grandfather’s Metal Roof
Take a peek at the peak on this metal roof! It's all about the details when a metal roof is installed.Why consider aluminum? It lasts a lifetime.
a man standing on top of a roof next to some trees and bushes in front of a building
Installing the Correct Underlayment for your Metal Roof Project
Putting down the proper underpayments make all the difference in the installation. It's not what you see, it's what you don't see.
a solar panel on top of a rock in the grass
Proper Metal Roof Installation, The Right Stuff
Finding a contractor to properly install a metal roof is very important. The product being installed is also important. The product pictured here has a base metal of steel. The manufacturer of the product sell this through a distribution network which means anyone can purchase it and install it. All we can say is "good luck".
a house that has been gutted and is being worked on by the roofing company
FAQs About Ridge Vents on Metal Roofs in MA
Venting is an important part of roofing. This roof failed due to zero venting, Everything had to be removed and rebuilt. Venting was added at the soffit and the head-wall.
four metal handles on the roof of a building
Metal Roofing and Snow Retention
Snow retention is an important part of a metal roof. Snow brakes are typically installed over doorways and any place that people may be walking near the house.
a white house with black roof and two cars parked in the driveway next to it
Sudbury MA dark bronze standing seam metal roof dave
Aluminum metal roofs last a lifetime. This new construction project went with standing seam.See the rest of the roof by clicking on the picture!
an aerial view of a house with solar panels on the roof
Solar Panels and Metal Roofing: The “Green Dream Team”
We get this question frequently. Can solar be attached to a metal roof? Click on the picture to read why metal and solar are a great combination on the roof.
the side of a green building with metal beams
FAQs About Ridge Vents on Metal Roofs in MA
Metal roofs should have metal ridge vents not an asphalt roof type of ridge vent.
a gray house with a red roof and two windows
Why Invest in an Aluminum Standing Seam Roof?
Why not use a combination of metal roofing profiles to achieve a unique look for your home. The Oxford metal slate on the main upper roof with standing seam on the lower wrap around hip roof.
a house with a driveway in front of it and flowers on the side of the road
The Ultimate Guide To Metal Roofing
So you think you know all about metal roofing? Check out our free information, click on the picture to see what you don't know!
a house in the woods with a metal roof and two garages on each side
Residential Metal Roofing for Architects and Construction
Aluminum metal roofing is the roof every homeowner should at least consider. Pictured is the Rustic "shake" in the color shake gray. These roofs last a lifetime, are available in lots of colors and 3 attractive profiles, shake, slate and standing seam.
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Share the Metal Roofing Love for a Chance to Win
From now until October 2018, homeowners who share their short answer (140 characters or less) for why they love metal roofing will have a chance to win a $100 gift card from Home Depot. Read the post for more details! #homedepot #giveaway #metalroof #roofing #roof
a red metal roof with rust on it and the words cmr written in white
Not Your Grandfather’s Metal Roof
Problems with metal roofs are few and far between... in the rare cases you do have issues, here are potential problems and how you can deal with the damage #metalroof #roofing #aluminum #oilcanning
the asphalt shingles are blue and green with an image of a circle on it
The Drawbacks of Asphalt Shingles
Choosing the perfect roofing material for your home can be a daunting task. #asphaltshingle #metalroof #newenglandhome
a house with a blue metal roof in the woods
Top Metal Roof Color Trends for 2018: It's Intense
For homeowners, 2018 color trends for metal roofing are all about standing out from the crowd #roofcolor #metalroof #trendy
a man is working on the roof of a house with a rope attached to it
About Classic Metal Roofs
Hard at work even during the winter in New England! #roofing #metalroof #roofer
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The Equipter is the way to ensure a NO MESS roof replacement. One of the biggest complaints nationwide regarding replacement of a roof is the huge mess that is left behind by the roofing contractor. #roofing #nomess #cleanup #equipter
the benefits of rustic shak metal roof on your home or office building, and how to use it
The Benefits of Our Rustic “Shake” Metal Roof
Benefits of a Rustic “Shake” Metal Roof #rusticshake #metalroof #roofing
the u s residential metal roofing market continues to rise
Industry Year In Review: 2017
Industry Year In Review | Homeowner's Guide to Metal Roofing #yearinreview #metalroofing #metalroof #residentialmarket