Accent Metal Roofs

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the house is white and has a red roof
Copper accent roof coupled with a new standing seam aluminum roof.
This custom fabricated copper roof on the bay window adds a unique focal point to this project.
the house is white and has a red roof
Copper accent roof coupled with a new standing seam aluminum roof.
This custom fabricated copper roof on the bay window adds a unique focal point to this project.
a house with a yellow ribbon on the roof
Hip Roof bump-out metal roof accent.
Nothing accents an architectural detail better than a metal roof. This one is done in matte black aluminum.
Copper , zinc or aluminum are all excellent choices for accent roofs. Beautiful, House, Awning, Beautiful Homes
Accent metal roofs are definitely in.
Why not consider an accent roof for your home. Porches, bay windows, garage overhange roof, addions, dormers to name just a few of the possibilities!
an open window on the side of a gray house with white trim and glass panes
Standing Seam Roof on bay window Classic Metal Roofs LLC
Bay window with standing seam metal accent roof from Classic Metal Roofs LLC is protected from the elements!
standing seam metal roofing on all-seasons room Classic Metal Roofs LLC England, Outdoor Decor, All Season Room
Standing Seam Metal Roofing on all-seasons room in southern New England Classic Metal Roofs LLC
a small wooden shed with a metal roof
Small Roof is a Big Deal in New England
This southern New England shed is well protected by a black aluminum standing seam roof. And it compliments the shake shingles beautifully.
a white window with a black roof on the side of a house
Protect Your Bay Window
A weather-proof roof of aluminum standing seam roofing protects this MA bay window all year long.
a white house with porch and front door
A great porch roof
Black standing seam provides great accent to this home when used on a porch roof.
black-standing-seam-accent-roof-on-bay-window from Classic Metal Roofs LLC Bay Window Makeover Exterior, Metal Roof Over Bay Window, Siding Around Bay Windows, Bay Window Roofing Ideas, Basement Stairway, Black Metal Roof, Exterior Window, Metal Roofs
Beautiful Bay
This accent roof in matt black standing seam helps this beautiful bay window get the attention it deserves, and protects it!
a white house with porch and front door
Black Standing Seam on Concord MA porch
Adding a black standing seam accent roof to a Concord MA front porch steps up the curb appeal of this charming home.
a man standing on top of a ladder next to a red house with two windows
Bay window roof prepped for new metal roof installation
Installer prepping a New England home's bay window for installation of metal to match new roof installation on the entire house
two white houses with black roofs and windows
Oxford Slate Roof for Box Accent Window
Great protection from leaks and matches the rest of the beautiful Oxford Slate metal roofing on this southern New England home.
a white house with a black roof and window
Accent Roof in Metal Shingle
These roofs can be done in a color with aluminum or for a more organic look with copper or zinc. Metal shingles or custom panels , it's a great architectural feature.
an air conditioner sitting in front of a window on the side of a house
Custom bay window accent roof!
Aluminum custom fabricated bay window roof make a great architectural accent.
a bird feeder on top of a roof with trees in the background
Cupola roof copper mounted on standing seam roof.
Accent roofs are great. Especially when they are coupled with a lifetime aluminum standing seam roof.
an american flag is hanging on the side of a house in front of a window
French mansard bay window custom copper roof.
Turn that ugly asphalt roof over your bay window into an architectural feature by adding a copper roof!
a white house with a red roof and a brown window sill on the corner
Custom fabricated copper bay window roof
Make that bay window an architectural feature by adding a custom copper roof!
a small gray house with a swing set in the yard
Product Showcase
Metal accent roofs are a BIG deal these days! Whether you do an out building like a gazebo or shed, or a front porch or bay window metal accent roofs look great and last a lifetime.
a dog sitting in the window of a house
Custom fabricated Copper Bay window
This bay window was just a small part of the scope of the project. This was a full roof replacement. The homeowners decided on a combination of the Oxford "slate" and standing seam. A big upgrade from asphalt shingles. A really nice improvement to this Wayland, MA home.
a two story house with white siding and black roof
Product Showcase
Just because you decided on a metal shingle roof doesn't mean you can't do an accent roof in standing seam! This farmers porch was done in standing seam to color match the metal shake roof on the main roof.
the roof is being repaired and ready to be installed
Buy Based on Value, Not on Price
The cost vs price question answered in this link. Copper flat lock hand soldered roof is pictured. It will last a lifetime.....or two!
a yellow house with two windows on the side
Classic Metal Roofs, LLC
A nice way to feature an otherwise unattractive roof. Put a standing seam metal roof on it and watch it pop!
a roof that has been gutted and covered with dirt
Classic Metal Roofs, LLC
Striping it down to the wood and prepping it for a new custom fabricated aluminum metal roof.
a man that is standing on a ladder next to a building with a skylight
Classic Metal Roofs, LLC
Nothing adds more appeal to the exterior of your home than a quality metal roof!
a house with a metal roof being installed on the side of it's building
Classic Metal Roofs, LLC
Nothing says curb appeal like a custom copper accent roof!
an aerial view of a house with two large windows and a roof that has shingles on it
Product Showcase
The main roof has the Oxford aluminum metal shingle, the accent roofs below have aluminum standing seam roofs. The top flat roof has an IB pvc membrane. All of these roofs will last a lifetime and come with a factory lifetime warranty.
a blue house with two windows and a brown roof
Classic Metal Roofs, LLC
Another bay window with copper. This one was just completed this week.
a house with red shutters and a tree reflected in the window pane,
Product Showcase
What a big improvement by adding a custom copper roof to this bay window. Curb appeal up the wazoo!
a small blue house with a white picket fence
Copper Roofing
Nothing looks better on a bay window than a custom copper roof. Add this architectural accent feature to your home to improve the curb appeal of your home.
a blue truck parked in front of a house with lots of junk on the ground
Product Showcase
This bay window will be done in custom copper panels by one of our skilled metal mechanics.
an aerial view of a house with solar panels on the roof and two cars parked outside
Classic Metal Roofs, LLC
Accent roofs in standing seam look great with our lifetime aluminum metal shingle roof.
a small gray house with two windows at night
Classic Metal Roofs, LLC
This custom fabricated aluminum metal roof in shake gray was just finished yesterday. We love the lok of this accent metal roof.
a small window in the side of a brown house with green plants and trees around it
Classic Metal Roofs, LLC
Accent metal roofs can really change the way your house looks. This one,fabricated in copper is all done except for the siding. Follow the ink to see more.