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Pinoy Childhood

Collection by Maricar Datoon- Ragudo

Maricar Datoon- Ragudo
traditional board game) We can have desserts while playing Sungka (a fun & traditional Filipino game that I could play for hours!)We can have desserts while playing Sungka (a fun & traditional Filipino game that I could play for hours! Filipino Art, Filipino Culture, Filipino Food, Philippines Culture, Philippines Travel, Cultura Filipina, Timor Oriental, Filipiniana, Mindanao

Sungka (Filipino traditional board game)

When I was young, me and my brother used to play this a lot at my grandmother's house. We used pebbles instead of shells back then. I missed those days when everything is just simple and fun. Nowadays, me and my brother got to see each other once or twice a year due to work and commitments. Childhood.. it's a blissful time indeed!

24 hours : Cagayan De Oro City, Phillipines: Filipino children play at a school Filipino Art, Filipino Culture, Filipino Tattoos, Filipino Empanada, Fotojournalismus, Street Game, Jeepney, Philippines Culture, Philippines Tourism

24 hours in pictures

My favorite game when I was a kid. Tumbang Preso - a traditional filipino game that being played in the front of the house, backyards, streets or parks. It's fun!

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Filipino Kid's Play, Plaything and Playground

Filipino youngsters just like their counterparts elsewhere in our planet indeed have a deep penchant for play, plaything and playground. Sociable in nature, Filipino kids exhibits friendliness at a very young age. Filipino kids are usually full of...

Tumbang Preso,Larong Pinoy - The Filipino Games Islamic Society, Naughty Kids, Philippines Culture, Filipino Culture, Traditional Games, Swimming Holes, My Heritage, Pinoy, Creative

Larong Pinoy - The Filipino Games

I've always wanted to be a kid! I remembered the times me and my childhood friends sneak out of the house just to play on the streets. "Larong pinoy" is a term for Filipino games, we often play outside the house most of the day and especially at...

Patintero Patintero or harang taga – try to cross my line without letting me touch or catch you – there are five members 5 in each group. Each member of the group who is it stands on th… Health Education, Physical Education, Filipino Culture, Filipino Art, Childhood Memories Quotes, Summer Camp Themes, Street Game, Outdoor Games For Kids, Working With Children

Playing Patintero in the West Philippine Sea

My last column on the West Philippine Sea dispute predictably drew strong reactions. Some saw the piece as defending Beijing. Others got the point. It wasn’t a defense of the regime to the north. It acknowledged the threat – but argued that Manila has to be smart in defining what that threat is -- and in its response.

 Usually played during town fiestas. Long and straight bamboo poles are greased and polished to make them smooth and slippery. Before they are set upright, a small bag containing the. Filipino Culture, Filipino Art, Street Game, Philippines Culture, Traditional Games, Baguio, Swimming Holes, Island Girl, Childhood Games

Palosebo played in fiestas. Greased polished bamboo poles are set upright, a small bag containing the prize is tied at the end of every pole. It usually contains money or toys. The contestants try to climb the poles to secure the prizes. Sometimes, a small flag is used instead of the actual prize. The actual prize will be given to the winner afterwards. Anyone who fails to reach the top is disqualified. The winner is the one who succeeds in reaching and untying the prize.

yup did it with my Beach Walk wore just like that. Les Philippines, Philippines Culture, National Games, Filipino Culture, Beach Kids, Swimming Holes, The Province, Island Beach, Beach Walk

Sipa ni Efren

"SIPA" a local game wherein boys attempt to kick a shuttlecock looking "sipa" which is basically made from a washer like weighted flat object with plastic strips as its stabilizer. They would wear their slippers on the sides of their feet and use this area for striking or kicking the "sipa" agin and again and again, in fact the game is about the most kicks made. A popular old time "analogue" kids pastime because its easy to make, challenging, and really fun. Strobist Info: one 580EX on…