What to expect when you're expecting. #OneLessWorry
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Common Pregnancy Aches & Pains
The common body aches and pains pregnant women endure.
Is it Braxton Hicks or Real Contractions? Here's how to tell them apart. Active Labor, First Pregnancy, Contractions, Stop It, Baby On The Way, You Changed, To Tell, No Worries, Unpredictable
Braxton Hicks vs. Real Contractions. How To Tell Them Them Apart?
False alarm or true labor pains? Here's a guide to help every soon-to-be mama determine the difference. If it's your first pregnancy and not sure whether you're really in labor, don't hesitate to call your doctor. #braxtonhicks #realcontractions #pregnancy #contractions
Discharge during pregnancy. Here's what you should know. Yellow, Pink Brown, Visual Representation, Pie Chart, Yellow Green, Green, Color, Red
Pregnancy Discharge: What's Normal and What's Not
During pregnancy, women can expect changes in the consistency and color of their discharge due to hormone fluctuations. In fact, pregnancy discharge may even determine what's going on in your body. Know what's normal and get checked when you're beginning to experience pain, itching, swelling, and noticed a change in odor. Especially when it's yellow, green, or gray discharge; and even red discharge that is frothy or watery. *Shared chart is for visual representation only. #pregnancy #maternity
Pregnancy symptoms during your third trimester 3rd Trimester, Pregnancy Insomnia, Trimester, Third Trimester, Safe, Mama Natural, Period, Swollen Ankles, Stretch Mark Cream
What To Expect When You're Expecting: Third Trimester
What To Expect When You're Expecting: Third Trimester It won't be long until your bundle of joy arrives, mama! 💗 During this period you'll experience a surge in emotions. Although, experiences may vary too as the journey differs for every woman. Mama Tip: Try to enjoy the last few weeks for yourself and move around if you are able. Don’t forget to generously treat your skin too with safe and natural Mama’s Choice Stretch Mark Cream. #pregnancy #stretchmarks #stretchmarkcream
Surviving Gestational Diabetes. Meal Planning, Gestational Diabetes, Doctor Advice, Diabetes, Physical Activities, Motherhood, Maternity, Healthy Habits, Mom
Gestational Diabetes
Gestational Diabetes is temporary and usually occurs in the second half of pregnancy. Although, it goes away soon after delivery following the ideal healthy habits and doctor's advice. Expectant mums who have a greater risk of Gestational Diabetes: • Have a family history of diabetes • Had it from previous pregnancy • Diagnosed as overweight or obese #gestationaldiabetes #pregnancy #maternity #mom #motherhood
Relieve back pain during pregnancy. Exercises, Back Pain, Pregnancy Back Pain, Pregnancy Pillow, Improve Posture, Postures, Lower Back, Supportive
Relieve Pregnancy Back Pain
Have you experienced back pain during pregnancy? If you're an expecting mama backache is common, especially in the early stages. However, there are some ways you can consider to ease back pain.
What to not eat when pregnant.
Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy
Top foods to avoid during pregnancy — there are some foods to avoid during pregnancy because of the dangers they pose to your unborn baby. Read more here:
Bonding with your baby before birth Feelings, Attachment, Babies, Lullabies, Sensitive, Talking To You, Little One, In This Moment
Early Bonding Moments With Your Little One
Don't need to wait before the baby arrives! Even before birth at around week 18 of pregnancy, your little one may be able to begin hearing body sounds such as your heartbeat. Then at around week 23-26 of pregnancy, babies may be more sensitive to sounds or noise, and respond to voices — your voice mama! Bond with your little one even before birth to start forming a connection and attachment with them. Here are simple acts that you may consider.
Exercise or gym ball benefits for pregnant mums. Workout Routines, Gym, Strengthen Hips, Relieve Back Pain, Benefits Of Exercise, Low Impact Workout
Benefits of Exercise/Gym Ball During Pregnancy
Expecting mums can still continue to exercise — with doctor's approval. In fact, there are low-impact workout routines designed for pregnant women. One thing you'll notice is the use of exercise ball.
Improve sleep during pregnancy. A quick guide for expecting mums. Aromatherapy, Reading, Bedtime Routine, How To Fall Asleep, Prevention, Bedtime, Wellness, Routine, Gentle
How To Sleep Better During Pregnancy
During pregnancy, you need to get as much sleep as you can before your little one arrives. A bedtime routine can help. 🌙 Some mums enjoy reading a book, along with gentle aromatherapy before bedtime. Give it a try!
Extreme, persistent nausea and vomiting during pregnancy — Hyperemesis Gravidarum Challenges, Pamper, Need This, Sick, Ask For Help, Appreciation, Rest, D.i.d.
Hyperemesis Gravidarum
What challenges did you face in the fourth trimester? Whatever it may be, don't forget to appreciate and pamper yourself. ❣️ Take time to rest for a moment, and ask for help from dad, or someone closest to you when you need it.⁠
5 Tips to Reduce Swollen Feet During Pregnancy Swimming, Swollen Feet, Exercise, Ease, Pregnant Drinks, Feet, Relieve, Swellings
Tips To Ease Swollen Feet During Pregnancy
During pregnancy, the extra pressure from your foetus can cause swelling around your ankles and toes. Here are some things you can do to relieve the problem!⁠ 📌 Tip: Swimming is a great exercise if you're struggling with swollen feet. As always, do consult your doctor.
Superfood for pregnant women — spinach. Iron, Tummy, Superfood, Spinach, Did You Know, Development, Knowing You, Cup
What To Eat When Pregnant
Did you know that just one cup of spinach contains lots of folate and iron? Your baby uses folate to develop in your tummy, so make sure to consume enough. 🤗
Bloating in pregnancy. How to ease uncomfortable bloating experience. Meals, Pregnancy Eating, Digestion, Eat Slowly, Small Meals, Eat, Canning
Bloating During Pregnancy
Digestion slows down during pregnancy, which can cause bloating. If you're currently dealing with this problem, remember to eat slowly. Try having smaller meals throughout the day – it helps!⁠
What should pregnant women eat? Find out the superfoods ideal for expecting mums. Salmon, Avocado, Superfoods, Peas, Cravings, Egg, Broccoli, Broccoli Beef
Pregnancy Superfood
Pregnant women have their own personal cravings. But keep in mind that when expecting there are superfoods to consume too. Peas Beef Broccoli Egg Banana Berries Salmon Avocado Edamame As always, do check with your doctor to know which is the best for you.