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Looks familiar, Mama? 😅 Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need someone to look after your little one. Remember, just because you want to take some few hours for yourself doesn't mean that you are a bad parent. Making some time for yourself may alleviate stress, worries, and even restore your sense of identity. 💗 Not to mention, finding that bliss with yourself will help you connect more deeply with the people around you. #meme #motherhoodmeme #parentingmeme #babymeme
Birth of second child. Preparing children adjust with new sibling. Baby Photos, Second Child, Newborn, New Baby Products, New Sibling, Toddler, Young Ones
Birth of Second Child
Help your child adjust even before the new baby is born. 🤗 Older children will be more eager to meet their new sibling, while the younger ones might be clueless about the transition. But no matter how old or young they are, it's encouraged to let them feel included and involved. ✨ There's no specific formula on how to perfectly address big sibling blues but there are certain ways to ease it. #toddler #siblingrivalry #siblingrivalrysolutions #newborn #newbaby
Birth of a second child. Toddler and the new baby.
How Firstborn Might Feel About Their Newborn Sibling
Welcoming a new baby in the family is exciting. 🤗 💕 It can also be challenging given that the eldest will have to adjust as well on the arrival of their newborn sibling. Chances are they might exhibit strong feelings about the situation. Here's what you can expect from them, mama and papa. #siblingrivalry #siblingrivalrysolutions #newborn #newbrother #newsister
Toddler indoor activities Toddler Activities, Play, Indoor Activities For Toddlers, Fun Indoor Activities, Indoor Activities, Activities
Fun Indoor Activities For Toddlers
It's always a good idea to let a toddler engage in activities. Other than keeping them entertained, play allows them to develop skills and encourages them to be active. ✨ How do you entertain your little one without breaking the bank, mama? #toddlerindooractivities #indooractivities #toddler
an info sheet describing how to communicate with your child
How To Better Communicate With Your Child
The way a child responds to other people when they grow up shows how parents communicate with them in the first place. In fact, good communication builds healthy relationship too. 💭 To establish good communication with your precious one, here are some tips that may help along the way: • Listen to them with your whole body • Acknowledge and understand their feelings • Give them your full attention • Encourage your child to speak up • Try to avoid harsh and unkind words #toddler