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mai [mahynd] : Staycation at Azure Urban Residences Maldives Tower after my Sister's Board Exam Wave Pool, Night Swimming, A Love So Beautiful, Before We Go, Board Exam, Rest And Relaxation, Beach Club, Staycation, Taking Pictures

Staycation at Azure Urban Residences Maldives Tower after my Sister's Board Exam

A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in." — Robert Orben After my sister finished taking her CPA board exams, my monster mudrax opted that we booked in my beshie's unit in Azure for a 4 days/3 nights staycation. My sister definitely deserves this rest and relaxation, she has been preparing for her exams for almost 2 years now. She enrolled twice in CRC-ACE twice (for self-review before taking the integrated review for their school curriculum and the second one is when she…

mai [mahynd] : Vavaing Marupok Rice Crisps, Lip & Cheek Stains, Good Excuses, The Face Shop, Sour Cream And Onion, Lip Oil, Diy Shirt, Get One, About Me Blog

Vavaing Marupok

Vavaing Marupok - direct translation babae - lady and marupok - brittle, lols. It does not make sense. This to me means that I am a weakling when it comes to online sale. One notification, you easily get me falling into your charm – this is me, every time I received marketing email from beautymnl. The past few weeks, whenever they have email blast that they have sale, buy one get one promos and piso or free shipping promos, my sister and I was not able to resist the temptation to buy…

mai [mahynd] : Crooked Fangs Misaligned Teeth, My Facebook Profile, My Dentist, Teeth Braces, Childhood Photos, Lets Try, Self Conscious, Keep It Cleaner, Sunglasses Women

Crooked Fangs

I am a vampire. I am a vampire. I am a vampire. I am a vampire. I am a vampire. Vampire. I am a vampire. I have lost my fangs – Vampire by Antsy Pants When I was 25 years old, I experienced pain and soreness around my jaws upon wakening up. I self-diagnosed myself that I have TMJD. But to be sure I visited the nearest orthodontist accredited by our company. I informed her my situation and told her that it is probably caused my teeth grinding. She is explained that it is because of my…

mai [mahynd] : Swimsuit for a Cause Buy Bags, Finding Joy, Blogging For Beginners, Summer Time, Swimsuits, Community, Fashion, Moda

Swimsuit for a Cause

Way back in elementary, I always find joy whenever we have donation drive for our less fortunate brothers and sisters during Christmas season. I remember saving my allowance to buy canned goods or chocolate and then I would go to school early and put it under the Christmas tree at our classroom. And as I get older, if I have the means, I try to give back to our community especially if there are calamities. I also find ways to support my friend’s charity events. They have organized activities…

mai [mahynd] : Unboxing The Balikbayan Box Velvet Teddy, Makeup Is Life, Box, Snare Drum

Unboxing The Balikbayan Box

After a month of delay from the original ETA, the balikbayan box, that my bff – Denn sent, was delivered last March 4 around 10pm. (No bueno for you - Atlas Shippers, for several missed connecting vessels and no compensation for the inconvenience that they have caused to my friend) Finally, I get to hold the items I ordered at online US shops and gifts from the Guevarra family. 😊 This box is actually for our other friends :) From the last time we checked Atlas’ website the new ETA was Feb…

mai [mahynd]: When are you getting married? Confidence Level, Wellness Center, Take Care Of Me, My Mood, Getting Married, Articles, How To Apply, This Or That Questions, Mens Tops

When are you getting married?

When I was in my teen years, I was always told not to get married until I finished my studies. When I hit my 30s, everybody started asking me if I am already married or when will I get married? I have answered this in two ways, depending on my mood. JOKING - If someone ask me if I already have a husband, I would answer them that I have a lot or I don't have a husband because I already change my preference. Most people ask me this question, probably out of curiosity and concern. While other…

mai [mahynd]: Kamayeño Grill Unlimited Wings Experience Grilling, Things I Want, Wings, Adventure, Crickets, Adventure Movies, Feathers, Adventure Books, Feather

Kamayeño Grill Unlimited Wings Experience

After planning so many times to try the Kamayeño Grill Unlimited Wings, finally I was able to try it last December 27 with my sister and cousin. ₱199 or $4 for unlimited wings(9 flavors), unli rice and 1 iced tea. Their store opens 4 pm, we were there around 5:30 pm and #2 on the wait-list. (Tip: You need to be there earlier than there opening, the wait list most of the times can be long. We were just lucky that day.) There are chairs for those waiting. We are smiles but the anticipation is…

  How To Start A Blog, How To Get, Thoughts And Feelings, Just Love, Inspire Me, Create Yourself, About Me Blog, This Or That Questions

Why did you create your blog?

I just joined a new blog group in FB, the friendly bloggers. And the above title was one of the questions you need to answer before you get to be accepted as a member. And that inspired me to write this post I started blogging way back 2005. Our team at work was reshuffled. We were so close that one of my colleagues asked us to guest post on the team blog that she created, as a way of communicating to each other, even though we are just cubicles apart. No we don't have email, not even…

mai [mahynd]: Cotton On Post Christmas Haul Christmas Haul, Christmas Shopping, New Outfits, Summer Dresses, Cotton, How To Wear, Stuff To Buy, Clothes, Style

Cotton On Post Christmas Haul

Last Christmas, I received some money. So instead of saving it, I ended up spending it. I went to the mall to accompany my sister to do her post-Christmas shopping. It is very rare that I go to mall, that I was too weak to resist the temptation to shop. So, we entered the Cotton On shop, my initial goal was to window shop only. Cotton On is known for buy 2 for xxxx amount and 50-70% off promos. But I ended up buying four dresses, which is not very wise since I work from home. Oh well, I…

my long lost camera - superheadz digital harinezumi 2 +++ 8mm Camera, Camera Phone, Photography For Beginners, Lomography, Taking Pictures, Sd Card, Picture Video, Monochrome, Digital

my long lost camera - superheadz digital harinezumi 2 +++

I was rummaging my closet drawers and found my old Superheadz Digital Harinezumi 2 +++. I totally forgot that I had this camera. I had this because I was so interested with lomography. But I do not want to buy the actual lomo cam because I was afraid that I won't be able to utilize the film to produce quality pictures. Good thing Superheadz had a digital cam that gives the same result as film camera. Others say that it can give your videos an 8mm camera. I bought this around 2011 for ₱7500…

mai [mahynd]: GCash Pros & Cons Check My Account, Amex Card, Poor Customer Service, Online Jobs, I Am Awesome, Reading, Text Posts, Reading Books

GCash Pros & Cons

When I started earning from online jobs, I researched, just like you, which is the best avenue that I will get the most of my money on my Paypal account. After reading numerous blogs and reviews, I have concluded that getting a GCash account and card is my best option. Here are the PROs of having a GCash account. PRO # 1: there is no transaction fee to transfer funds from PayPal to GCash. I just have to pay for the card ₱ 210(I opted for the beep card variant). There is also an atm…

mai [mahynd]: 5 things i love about BeautyMNL 5 Things, My Love, Fashion, Moda, Fashion Styles, Fashion Illustrations

5 things i love about BeautyMNL

so for today, i will be sharing my love for the site called beautymnl. it is my go to ecommerce site for beauty and skincare products. well, actually they also sell bags, and just recently they just launched makeover experience as well as wellness products. it is one stop shop for all your beauty and wellness needs. here is my list why i love beautymnl: 1. Free Shipping Promo - i started buying from BeautyMNL about a year ago. i got an email from them that they have a free shipping promo for…

mai [mahynd]: cyber monday shopping at amazon Younique, Smart Auto, Point And Shoot Camera, Pinoy Food, Cyber Monday, Periodic Table, Coding, Amazon, Shopping

cyber monday shopping at amazon

i have been waiting for cyber monday for so long at amazon to use the credits that i have earned by working on amazon mturk. this year i was able to earn $59.01. i know that it is not much but it is still something. my plan was to buy a point and shoot camera. i have decided to purchase Canon PowerShot ELPH 180 Digital Camera w/ Image Stabilization and Smart AUTO Mode (Silver). i was just to add $50. but i checked my cart, i saw that i have parked Crock-Pot . i wanted the Crock-Pot for so…

mai [mahynd]: asmr me to sleep Asmr Video, Trouble Sleeping, My Brain, Massage, Articles, Feelings, Massage Therapy

asmr me to sleep

so there are nights that i have trouble sleeping. this one particular night (or morning it was 4am), i remembered that on one of the youtubers that i watched, on one of her daily vlog she crumpled a paper and mentioned that it is one form of asmr...since i am getting frustrated that i am not able to sleep...i searched youtube for asmr crumpling paper... and to my surprise there are tons of videos created, lots of youtubers in this asmr genre and millions of subscribers and views on these…

mai [mahynd]: Payoneer - Low Cost and Fast Transaction First Bank, Let It Be

Payoneer - Low Cost and Fast Transaction

I have used paypal for the longest time ever. But one of the platforms that I working with does not have option to receive payment through paypal. And that is how I get to introduced to Payoneer. As far as I researched, Payoneer has better exchange rate. However there is a minimum withdrawal fee of $50 unlike in Paypal you can withdraw for as low as $1. Paypal transfer is realtime if you will use Gcash. Payoneer bank transfer is 4 business days. But based on my experience. It is just 1…