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Modern Baybayin Philippines

Modern Baybayin Philippines -Standard set 28 Characters (Since 2011,2012,2012) Complete set -for Modern usage -Documents ,Names ,Diaries and others.

Terno - Another traditional attire for women in Philippines Alibata Tattoo, Traditional Filipino Tattoo, Filipino Words, Baybayin, Filipino Tribal Tattoos, Sign Language Phrases, Filipino Culture, Calligraphy I, Tagalog

Modified Baybayin

Kudlit There have been a few attempts to alter the original Baybayin for modern use. One of the first attempts to “reform” the Baybayin was in 1620 when Fr. Francisco Lopez was about to publish the Ilokano Doctrina. Seeing the "limitations" of Baybayin, he invented a new kudlit in the shape of a cross. When…